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Get Ready to Get Fit in 2017

Are you ready to join the millions of people who are setting out on their 2017 resolutions to get fit and healthy? While some people might feel like it’s cliché, I assure you that there’s nothing cliché about taking great care of your body.


Get Outfitted for Fitness

Something that motivates me to get fit is my wardrobe. What can I say? I love fashion, and the fact that there’s an entire branch of the fashion industry devoted to fitness clothing and performance gear makes me very excited. Maybe it’s just me, but a new sports bra will do a lot in terms of getting me to go to the gym. Let your love of fashion take you to a healthy place!

That’s what Kate Hudson did. I’m not kidding! She combined her love of fitness and style to create Fabletics, her fitness-wear company. They allow you to actually subscribe to a monthly program that sends you new workout outfits for a total steal. You can also select your favorite pieces from the website and benefit from the members-only price. Get 50% off of your first outfit with our coupons, and start beefing up your workout clothes!

Fun Fitness at Home

If you prefer to work out in the comfort of your own home, you’re in luck. It’s a fun time to be a fitness shopper because there are so many great products for working out at home. Everything from kettlebells to full gym with weight equipment is available at the consumer level. Having a full set of weights in your home along with a bench can lead you through dozens of workouts.

At Home Gym Bike Workout

If you want an all-in-one piece of workout equipment, look no further than Bowflex. It’s been around for decades, and there’s good reason for it. Take over $500 off your Bowflex home gym with our coupon, and they’ll even throw in some freebies!

Work Your Body Out of the House

One of the most popular and buzzed about fitness movements is the barre. It’s based on principles of ballet, but you won’t feel graceful when you’re sweating buckets in a plié. Barre3 has locations all over the United States, and offers a 4 week program that will whip you into shape. The nicest part of barre class, in my opinion, is how distracted I am from how hard I’m working. I feel like a ballerina, not an out-of-shape woman clinging to a bar.

With our Barre3 coupons, we can save you over 50% on fitness classes. If you’ve never been able to find the fitness solution that works for you, giving barre classes a try is the perfect way to start a new year!

Stretching Ballet Barre Hike

Food Leads to Fitness

There’s no point in doing all of these workouts if you aren’t going to put the right nutrition into your body. These days, people are so busy that eating right is often the most difficult part of getting healthy.


Luckily, clever brands have found the perfect solution to the average busy person’s nutrition needs. Companies like Hello, Fresh! deliver perfectly packed boxes of the ingredients for your week’s meals right to your doorstep.Most of their meals take around 30 minutes to prepare and include lots of healthy produce and lean proteins. You might even learn a thing or two about cooking along the way!

Right now, we can help you get Hello Fresh meals for under $10 each with our promo codes. That eliminates one more thing you need to worry about while you’re resetting your life to include fitness!

With this many tools available to help you started on your journey towards health and fitness, there’s no way you’ll lose! What are your favorite tools for getting fit?