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Get Wild And Fashionable At Apparel Zoo: The YOU Fashion Store

Apparel Zoo is an online retail store that feature amazing clothes and accessories for men and women. They feature street wear stuff but great quality products! The online portal has been designed such that you can search for whatever you wish to shop as per the brand, department, new arrivals and sale item categories. It’s diligently categorized and thus extremely shopper friendly.

The idea behind this website is not to tell you how you should dress or what’s in, rather they promote urban trends and work closely with brands, wholesalers and independent dealers also to ensure that you get all you want at the best available price. At this fashion store you let them know what you want or like to have and the dedicated team arranges for the best deal.

Apparel Zoo

Founded in 2011, Apparel Zoo has hit it off with a lot of customers. It is the freshest trend in the retail market and aims to capture the lifestyle of Southern California. Just to give you an idea of what they have to offer, check out the list below:

  1. If you browse through the women’s section and choose shop by brands, all the brands that the store stocks will come up. So you can get some Young & Reckless Tees for women, Beverly Hills Polo Club dresses, Hello Kitty Platform sandals, Broadway flats, Meadow boots and the like. If you choose shop by department then you can pick anything from tops to accessories and check out all what they have to offer.
  2. There are similar offerings in the men’s section. You can find some Zephyr SnapBacks, Bass Brockton Oxford men’s Casual shoes, pullover sweaters, crew neck sweaters and t- shirts in most brands and The Hundreds Hoody sweatshirts amongst other things.
  3. There are also other options like checking out watches starting from $10 or perhaps dresses from $14.99.

This is just a peek into what Apparel Zoo has to offer. They have a variety of choices on long and short sleeve tees for both men and women, tank tops, sweaters, denims and jeans, snapback hats, watches and sneakers and almost anything and everything that you can think of purchasing online! The delivery is on time and there have been no hitches regarding service or product quality. You can track your order online and also follow up with customer service if need be.

Also like most online retail stores, Apparel Zoo comes out with a host of deals, discounts and coupons. The only catch being that they need to be availed before the expiry date. Some of their discounts that have been receiving the maximum number of hits are:

  1. Take 15% off on any RADII Footwear style
  2. Take an extra 20% off on “anything” store wide
  3. Take an extra 5% off on all Young & Restless clothing
  4. Take an extra 15% off on any Akademiks clothing

These are just to name the few deals on offer. To know about the latest deals and discount coupons it is advisable to check the portals that offer you details of the latest deals announced by major retailers and manufacturers. The best way is to subscribe for newsletters.