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Get Your Green On With These St. Patrick’s Day Sales

St. Patrick's Day

This year, St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Friday, which means you’ll have the whole weekend to celebrate. Whether or not you’re Irish, St. Patty’s Day is a chance to enjoy time with friends, dress up at work, visit a parade, go out to a pub crawl, or try to grab a lucky kiss! It’s only about a week away, so are you ready to get your green on? Here are all the best sales you want to look out for so you’re prepared come March 17th.

St. Patrick's Day

A St. Patrick’s Day Themed Party

No need to go out and spend money when you can throw a party of your own at home! And, not only that but a party that won’t break the bank. Head to Party City, which is stocked up the ceiling in St. Patrick’s Day everything. Choose from party favors, tableware, balloons, and costumes. Order online and save up to $30 if you spend over $150, using the promo code: SAVEBIG30M.

St. Patrick's Day

A Green Shirt and Attire

You can’t go to a St. Patrick’s Day party without looking the part! Or, maybe you just want to dress up for work. Either way, no one really wears that color green on a regular basis. So, it might be time to stock up on something new. There’s a cool Jerry Garcia lucky scarf you can get, too. So, where can you buy all this green stuff? Try Kohl’s, and use the promo code: LUCKY for $10 off your order of $25 or more!

St. Patrick's Day

Shamrock Chocolate

Some people enjoy a Guinness on St. Patrick’s Day. Some just prefer some shamrock-shaped chocolates from Malley’s, and that’s okay, too! Malley’s makes some incredible sweet treats, and now you can get their special shamrock chocolates with mint! Yum!

And finally…for all things St. Patrick’s Day…

St. Patrick's Day

Special Irish Things from The Irish Store

Don’t really care what you get for St. Patrick’s Day, as long as its authentically Irish? If you’re one of those people who celebrates this holiday for more religious or cultural regions, then The Irish Store is the place for you. Choose from Irish clothing, Irish jewelry, Irish accessories, and even Irish food. Whatever you get will give you something to cherish long after this year’s St. Patty’s Day! Now, you can get everything 20% off + a free gift until March 17th, using the promo code: 20FLASH

Will you be ready to get your green on when St. Patrick’s Day comes?