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When you become a Starbucks Rewards member, you can get your favorites on the house by earning stars from three different ways. First, you can pay money with your registered card; second, you can download the free Starbucks app; third, you can also get star code. The more star you collect, the higher reward level you’ll have.

  • Welcome level

The moment you become a Starbucks Rewards member, you will receive a free “special offers about your request” on your birthday.

  • Green level

When you get five stars, you can upgraded to be the Green level. For this level you can earn free refills in the store, besides free birthday special offers.

  • Gold level

When you collect 30 stars in a year, congratulations! you’ll arrive the highest golden level. With this level, you can get all the benefits from welcome and green level, and extra benefits such as Starbucks FREE Coffee and Drink or Food Reward Every 12 Stars. You can get a personalized gold card to show your unusual. What’s more, if you earn another 30 Stars, you can keep those benefits for another 12 months.