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Getting Ahead of Your 2016 Holiday Debt

January is the month when everyone is resolving to save money. The problem? Holiday bills set you back. Far back. Before letting your bills pile up during the holiday season, follow these easy tips to avoid holiday debt.

1. Make your list and check it twice….now. 

One of the reasons we overspend during the holidays is because we’re unorganized. It’s harder to find what you want because stores are busy, online stores are sold out, you have to pay for shipping, and you end having to overcompensate by buying too much because you couldn’t find the perfect gift. Start browsing now, and begin to pick up the things you need. Store them in a closet and make a list of what you bought. Our, you’ll forget and buy more!

2. Buy on a schedule. 

Buy a gift every other week. You won’t have to buy in bulk the week before Christmas, dumping all your cash. Spread it out and you’ll feel it less. Buy the must have toy now. Because it will be gone by November 1.

3. Take advantage of Fall sales. 

Everything is on sale right now. You can find great sweaters and good deals on toys during the down time. In a few more weeks, retailers will be on the holiday track, but for right now, everyone is getting ready for new holiday inventory. The reality is, you won’t see much of a difference and no one will know you bought them a fall sweater instead of a winter sweater which will be on sale the minute after Christmas.

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4. If you’re an online shopper, go Prime.

Rather than upping the ante on shipping costs, it might be worth the $90 go to Prime. You’ll enjoy free two day shipping for the whole year. This is key especially if you’re a last minute shopper and you won’t have to worry about astronomical shipping costs!

5. Start saving now.

A dollar a day in a Christmas account will give $365 to spend next year. Forgo the coffee, make your lunch, or put away some change. You’ll thank us next year.

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