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Getting in on the Sneaker Trend

This is possibly the greatest fashion news this decade. Sneakers are back. With everything. Skirts, slacks, cropped pants, dresses. Pretty much everything in your closet. Women everywhere are now breathing a collective sigh of relief. And the best part? They are classics. No wacky trends here. In fact, you may already have some of these lying around.

It all started a few seasons ago with the wedge sneaker. I have good news and bad news. The good news, as you know, is that the sneaker trend stuck, but the bad news is that the wedge trend did NOT. Top fashion bloggers and designers agree that the wedge was short lived. Instead, kick it back to the old school with classics from Adidas, Pumas, and Converse. That’s right, we’re taking it back old school. If you have these lying around from the 90s, then they are back (like so many trends from the 90s).

What has been really on fire are Stan Smith and the Adidas three stripe Superstars ($79.99 and $74.99 respectively). They’ve been around forever, but seemed to have found their way onto the feet of top stylists over these last few months. What we love about this look is that literally anyone can wear them. They are unisex and work on a six year old boy or a thirty-five year old woman. If you’re looking for something more playful, we saw the three stripes in gold and with a floral accent on Net-a-Porter on sale. We also love a fall version in suede.

These both s give your look a playful, youthful edge and go with everything–pencil skirts, floral skirts, wide leg slacks, skinny pants. Literally, everything.  If you are more sophisticated, and you do these with flowers and flounce, it might feel too young. If you’re going to work, be careful to choose sophisticated colors and patterns to balance it out. Check these out at Footlocker for a good deal and potential code. And hint? If you’re female, buy a kid’s size for a cheaper price.

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We also love PF Flyers ($79.99) and Converse ($49.99) which tend to be an edgier look if pairing with any of the more grown up looks. Or, wear them with cuffed jeans for your errands for a youthful, trendier look. Classic, cute, and trendy, these will edge out any outfit, and give your feet the break they need! Plus, they aren’t quite as trendy as the Stan Smiths if you’re looking to stay under the radar.

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And finally, Vans are back. We love these for a more dynamic look than the PF Flyer. They’re great for women with cuffed jeans, a floral skirt, or your favorite cut offs. They’re a bit more youthful than some of the other looks, but are pretty timeless and like the others, Unisex. Tip: If you’re a woman, grab these in an equivalent kid’s size for a cheaper price. Check these out at Journeys.

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Celebrities are loving the sneaker trend and we love the idea of making them work for work. We don’t recommend if for your next big presentation but a great option to keep under your desk without doing the 80s Working Girl look. Stay cool even when you need to be comfortable. If you plan on being on your feet all day, we might recommend an orthodic that provides an arch if you need one, simply because all of these cool sneaks tend to be pretty flat.