Back to School

Getting Organized for Back to School

Aside from junk mail, there’s nothing that can threaten your kitchen counter with greater force than school paperwork. Field trips, weekly newsletters, homework assignments, volunteer requests and pamphlets about how to make sure you child grows up healthy and happy can easily clutter your space and the events they advertise can clutter your schedule.

back to school supplies

As you’re getting ready for back-to-school this year, be sure to go beyond the basic backpack and notebooks. Make sure you have what you need to make the 2016-2017 school year an organized one. Here are some of our top pick tools from Amazon to help you do just that.

Expanding File Folder

Back to school supplies File Folder

While you’ll be able to recycle many of the papers that come home with your kids, some of them will be important enough to hang onto. File folders are a great way to keep everything organized and in one place. Whether you’re storing artwork that can’t fit on the fridge, IEP paperwork or notifications about this year’s reading list, having one of these on hand can be a lifesaver. We particularly like this one from Snail & Hawk as it has a handle that makes it a lot easier to transport should you need to bring your documents with you to events like parent-teacher conferences.

Over the Door Storage Pockets

Over the Door Storage Pockets

Where, oh, where to store that expanding file folder? If your cabinets are already overflowing, getting an over the door storage device can be key. It gives you more room to store things that you need easily accessible like notebooks, No. 2 pencils and graphing calculators without taking up a lot of space.


OXO Good Grips 8-Piece Clip Set

Your kiddo is going to bring home artwork to display at home. Even with your file folder, there’s going to be papers you need right in front of your face or you’re going to forget about them before the due date. And when you’re packing school lunches, you’re inevitably going to b e short on clips to keep everything closed so you can keep it fresh.

These OXO clips solve all three problems in one fell swoop. They come with magnetic clips to display completed work or upcoming reminders on your fridge where you will actually see it, a massive bag clip so you can save money by buying food in bulk and cinches to close things like sandwich bread when you lose that little tab that came with the bag when you bought it.

Fridge Calendar

Fridge Calendar

Sam has to be at viola lessons at three, and Taylor has soccer at six. Wait, I thought soccer was on Thursdays? Today is Thursday?

When school starts up, so do all those extracurriculars. It’s hard to keep both your sanity and schedule in tact. To save both, get yourself a dry erase calendar that you can easily update every month, or every time practice gets canceled due to rain.

We like this one from Tymes Collection since it looks like a chalkboard, keeping with the back-to-school theme, but works like a dry erase board allowing you to make changes as life happens.