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Getting Organized for Back to School

back to school

While summer is crazy in its own right, nothing says schedule overload like back to school activities.  From shopping to extracurriculars to school lunches, the first day of school can bring on a lot of stress.

The best way to get ahead of that stress is to get organized now.  Set things up during these dog days of summer so that you’re ready to hit the ground running on day one, instead of letting the day run you.

Get Shopping

Get back to school shopping now.  Don’t procrastinate.  While there will still be deals at the last minute, inventory will be picked over.  Besides, the relief of having one more thing moved over from ‘to-do’ to ‘to-done’ will allow you to breathe a little easier and enjoy those last full days with your kids.

If your school still hasn’t sent out their back to school list, contact them.  Try to get a copy as soon as possible.  If it’s not possible, talk to a fellow parent whose child had the same teacher last  year.  You may want to do this anyways, as sometimes items that make the list don’t actually get used.  A fellow parent will be able to tell you which ones were vitally important, and which ones it’s probably okay to pass on altogether.

Get Meal Planning

If you dread putting school lunches together, start planning for it now.  Knowing what you’re going to prepare will make putting together a grocery list easier.  Having a list will make shopping easier, and shopping will make pulling it all together the night before a breeze.  No one wants to stare into the fridge, wondering how on earth they’re going to pack their kids a healthy lunch tomorrow when all that’s left is pudding cups and Capri Sun.

Get Ready to Communicate

Some districts don’t have bus systems, and others have extracurriculars from day one.  Talk to parents in your neighborhood about carpooling now.  Working this out a month ahead of time allows for any hiccups that might come up with schedules.  It’s better to get all of that parsed out now rather than having to go into work late on a Thursday in late August because Johnny’s mom couldn’t play last-minute chauffeur that morning after all.

Get a Calendar

With all the extra activities, shopping, planning, and schedule shifts, a calendar is a great investment.  It keeps your family on the same page, and prevents you from forgetting that doctor’s appointment when you’re scheduling a conference call.  There are even scheduling calendars made specifically with moms in mind, with space to write down everyone’s activities, and pockets to store those vital paper reminders that get sent home in backpacks the first weeks of school.  A good place to look with a wide variety of options is, where they currently have 25% off full-priced items and free shipping.


A little investment now, whether it be a time investment or paying a nominal amount for a scheduling system, can save you a ton of stress down the line.  Believe it or not, ‘down the line’ is just a few weeks away!