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Gift Guide for Travelers

gift guide for travelers

Have a friend or family member that loves to travel? So much so that they’re always on the road? Whether they’re outdoorsy nomads or fly so much for work that they have enough points to buy first class tickets in perpetuity, they can be hard to buy for. Their lifestyle dictates that they pack light, so any possessions must be both practical and compact.

If you’re searching for some ideas for these hard-to-buy-for road warriors, here is our 2015 gift guide for travelers.

Jewelry Roll

If you have ever tried traveling with jewelry, you know it’s a nightmare. No matter how you pack things or prepare them, everything comes out tangled, and you’re constantly worried something will slip and be lost for good.

Jewelry rolls, carried by companies like Tumi, solve that problem effortlessly. They look like wallets, but open up to be so much more. Tumi’s has three, separate, zippable pockets to house each jewelry item individually. At its base, there is a strip with tiny holes for storing earrings. Once you have packed everything up, you fold and latch it to keep everything secure. The trifold, wallet-like roll folds beneath each pocket, so nothing is getting bent up unnecessarily.

This gift is ideal for the business traveler, or someone who likes to put a little more luxury into their globe-trotting escapades.

Outdoor Kitchen

Just because someone prefers the outdoor lifestyle doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy some gourmet eats. Outdoor kitchens, like the Coleman Kitchen from L.L. Bean, allow campers to have prep space, a dedicated stove, and even lighting. This particular kitchen comes with a 32”x24” table space, a support that fits almost any camping stove, and hooks for lanterns and utensils.

With an outdoor kitchen, campers can eat better while they travel. Not everything has to be dried like jerky, and prep work is made possible allowing for fresher foods and meals. The best part? It folds up to be pretty darn compact. The dimensions inside its carrying case are 32”x4”x11”.

Airbnb Gift Cards

No matter their travel style, your giftee is sure to appreciate an Airbnb gift card. The accommodation marketplace has over 2,000,000 listings in more than 190 countries, meaning that they’re likely to be wherever your jetsetter is headed.

The accommodations are varied and unique, too. It doesn’t matter if your traveler would prefer to stay in a decked out villa, make use of an urban apartment, or hole up in a low-cost hut. There really is something for everybody. The best part is you can make this gift match your budget. If you were planning to spend a lot, it will be well appreciated, but if you can only give a little, it will still go a long way with the person to person bookings facilitated through Airbnb’s platform.


Whatever you end up buying your traveler, remember to think small. When you’re on the road and space is limited, it’s those small, practical things that have the biggest impact on your day-to-day life.