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Gift Ideas for College Students

College students aren’t known for having a lot of money. With skyrocketing tuition and a full course load of classes, it can be difficult for them to find time to work and get their studies done. Christmas is the perfect time to give them a little bit of help. Here are several gift ideas for college students that are practical and will save them money.

1.Restaurant Gift Cards.

College students need to eat. You could give them a box full of Ramen noodles and jars of peanut butter, but chances are, they’ve eaten their fill. Pick up some $5 gift cards to a variety of restaurants and you’ll know they’re at least eating.



Buying new clothes probably isn’t on the top of the list for your college student when it comes to priorities. Buy them something you know they’ll love, like a Star Wars t-shirt, a new beanie or a pair of Vans. If you’re unsure of their style, you can’t go wrong with a gift card to American Eagle, Urban Outfitters or Forever 21. And if you have a really trendy thrift store nearby, you may consider a gift certificate to it as well.


An annual Spotify membership will cost you about $50 but can save them big when it comes to data charges. Spotify is an app for iPhone and Android that allows you to listen to music at any time without using the data on their phones.

In addition to Spotify, you can also give them a great pair of earbuds so they can listen when they study or are pretending to study.

4.Reusable Water bottles.


Proper water intake and hydration is necessary to reduce brain fatigue and improve focus. It is also much healthier than drinking sugar-laden sodas and caffeinated energy drinks that are known to have adverse health effects.

5.A Keurig and pods.

I’ve already mentioned that water is a better option to keep your student hydrated, but have you ever known a college student to not drink copious amounts of coffee? Why not gift them with a Keurig and variety of pods to save them money off the more expensive coffee sold in the campus coffee shops?
If you’re unsure as to what type of coffee (or tea) they prefer, you can even purchase a reusable coffee pod online at Walmart that can be used with any brand or flavor of coffee or loose tea and can be used over and over to truly maximize savings.

If you’re looking for another gift idea, pick up a travel coffee cup that they can take wherever they go. If you’re crafty you can personalize the mug just for them.

6.A New Laptop or Tablet.


If you want to surprise the college student in your life, go big with a new computer or laptop from Dell. Right now, you can purchase a new XPS 13 laptop for as low as $799. Give your college student the tools they need to succeed.

Do you have a college student to buy for? What’s on your list?