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Gifting Experiences for Teachers

Teaching is one of the most underappreciated and underpaid jobs around. A good teacher not only educates your child in the realms of literature, arithmetic, arts and sciences, but also plays a major role in teaching them how to act, socialize and think critically.

If your child has had a good teacher this year, it’s common to shower them with gifts. While tangible items can be cute or help inspire memories, we’re of the opinion that it’s better to gift memories themselves.

As you’re shopping for your teacher this year, keep in mind little things you or your child have learned about them through the year. What are their interests? What do they do on the weekends? Do they have kids of their own?

Then, get down to savings. We’re not talking about going cheap, but we are talking about shopping smart. When you want to purchase an experience, an easy way to save big bucks is by using a group deal site like Groupon.

Spa Day for Teacher

No matter what their interests are, we’re willing to be every teacher appreciates a good spa day. It’s not necessarily something they’d buy for themselves, but the R&R over summer break is definitely something they deserve.

Algebra It Up With an Escape Room

Escape rooms are crazy fun. You solve some riddles in order to escape some kind of “danger” or find some kind of prize. Another thing your math teacher will appreciate about that is that oftentimes these puzzles incorporate a fair bit of algebraic logic. If x=you and y=the time you have to get out before the zombie breaks free, then x+y=a good time.

Be sure purchase at least two tickets if you go this route. While escape rooms are fun, they’re usually meant to be a group effort.

Practice Art Appreciation

Paint and wine nights are pretty hot right now—with good reason. Practicing your art skills—or being good natured enough to laugh at the lack thereof—is something many adults wish they had more time to do.

Buy reserving your teacher a couple of spots for themselves and at least one friend, you’ll be giving them the gift of MAKING time to actually do it. Plus, there’s usually wine. Which most people will appreciate.

Take a Field Trip to the Museum

This one is especially great if your teacher has children of their own. Summer break is exciting for the first couple of weeks, but after that parents will start hearing, “I’m bored!” or “There’s nothing to do!”

Your teacher will appreciate you helping them get their kids out of the house for a day at your local museum. Usually admission isn’t cheap, so it’s a meaningful and generous gift. Their family won’t have to pay a dime, and you’ll save a bundle by using Groupon.

Educate Your Teacher on the Culinary Arts

It’s ultra frugal to cook all your meals at home, but it’s also really nice to not have to slave over the oven every once in a while. It’s incredible to eat at a place of fine dining without having to pay a penny.

Any teacher will appreciate a night out at a nice restaurant. If you know her favorite type of food—from Sushi to Italian—you earn all the bonus points.