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Gifts for Moms Who Love to Cook

Does your mom love to cook or bake? Has she taken up a new hobby in the kitchen lately, or enjoy getting creative when it comes to making family meals? Why not give mom some fabulous new kitchen tools to help her enjoy her time spent in the kitchen even more? A kitchen is often a place where memories are made with moms and children. There are lots of fantastic things that moms and kids can cook and bake together.

If mom loves to bake and decorate, a new set of piping bags and tips would make a wonderful gift. Piping and icing sets can be used for all sorts of decorating, including cakes and cookies. Many tips have intricate designs, but are easy to use. They can make cake decorating a snap, even to a beginner cake decorator. Baking and decorating cookies for different holidays or occasions is so much fun, and can be a wonderful way for moms to spend time with their kids. Wilton is your one-stop-shop for baking and decorating needs. Get 15% off sitewide when you shop at Wilton.

When was the last time mom bought a new set of oven mitts or pot holders? These days, oven mitts come in all shapes and sizes. It’s a good idea to keep a nice set of traditional oven mitts in the kitchen- they can double as a pot holder in a pinch, if needed. It’s nice to have a set that matches the theme or colors of the kitchen. Williams-Sonoma has beautiful oven mitts and pot holders in lovely prints and solid colors. They are timeless in design, and are a fabulous quality that will last for years to come. Save up to 75% off at the Williams-Sonoma semi-annual sale. If you’d like a lighter side type of oven mitt or would rather have a newer type, go for the silicone mitts that simply fit right over the hand, and make it easier to grip the pans or pots. They come in all sorts of colors and fun designs.

Don’t discount the gift of a new kitchen tool- or several kitchen tools or gadgets. Think about what mom may want or need. Is there a gadget or tool that she’s mentioned before? There are so many neat little kitchen helpers that are nice to have- everything from new knives and cutting boards to citrus zesters and cheese graters. Never underestimate the beauty of a new set of mixing bowls or stainless steel measuring cups. If mom is a true cook or baker, these types of gifts will make her heart very happy.

As much as mom might love to cook, it’s nice for her to have a night off every now and again. You could offer to prepare a meal or two for mom, and bring it over to keep in her fridge or freezer. Meals that are easy to freeze, thaw out, and reheat can be such a time saver, and a huge help on late or busy nights. You could also present mom with a nice gift card to a favorite restaurant, or perhaps a new restaurant? You might even like to bring groceries over to mom’s house, and have her sit in the kitchen and talk while you prepare a fresh meal for her. Don’t forget to bring along a nice bottle of wine to share while you chat and make new memories!