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Gifts for the NFL Fan

If you’re shopping for a football lover this holiday season, figuring out what to buy is pretty easy. You can just go to the NFL Shop, pick their favorite team and be met with a bunch of different gift options, all of which they’re sure to love.

This time of year, there are also sales going on. Be sure to check out deals and promo codes before you shop, including one that gives a special discount for active duty military members and veterans!



Officially licensed jerseys are the prize possession of any football fan. Right now, many men’s jerseys are $25+ off, with some other more sporadic sales for women, youth and babies. You can literally pick one up for anyone in the family, regardless of size, cut or team loyalty.

Signed Paraphernalia


Huge into a specific player? You’ll want to check out the signed paraphernalia, then. Above is a football signed by Buffalo Bills Hall of Famer Jim Kelly, but you can get cards, jerseys, helmets, posters and more from players from every team out there. These gifts are more expensive, so save up for them. But they’re also incredibly meaningful to the giftee.

Winter Gear


Winter is coming, friends. And with it, the need for warmer clothes. If you’re going to be buying hoodies and hats anyways, getting them branded with their favorite team is a good way to ensure your fan will actually wear them. It’s not the cheapest option for winter gear—licensing costs money—but the products are quality and are likely to last for years to come.



A lot of the blankets in the NFL Shop are currently discounted. They have something for all price ranges; the lower the price, the lower the quality, but if it’s branded with their favorite team, your giftee isn’t likely to complain if you save a few bucks.

Tailgating Gear


If your fan goes to a bunch of games in person, we’re willing to bet they spend a significant amount of time tailgating. Help them get comfortable while they’re out in the cooler temperatures for hours. Tents can provide shelter from rain or snow. Chairs keep you from sitting on the back of a cold bumper or standing the entire time, and tumblers help keep those warm drinks warm, before or during the big game.


Books and DVDs


You can tell a rainy day fan from one who lives and breathes football by how they consume their media. Is the only exposure to sports happening on Sunday? Rainy day fan all the way.

But if they read blogs and books and watch documentaries about pivotal deals and moments on and off the field, you’ve got a die-hard fan. The NFL Shop services them with an entire media section with books and DVDs for each team.




Whether your giftee is legitimately a kid or simply a kid at heart, the NFL Shop has a ton of straight up toys on their digital shelves. Featured above is a light up Pillow Pet for Chicago Bears fans who may have a fear of the dark, but there are also LEGO sets, stuffed animals, action figures, activity books, plush footballs and games like inflatable tire toss available.