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Gifts for the Sporty Mom

Who said all moms need flowers and  jewelry? Wouldn’t it be cool if mom got something that reflected her identity OUTSIDE motherhood? I think that as moms, we all crave another identity, or struggle to keep it afloat, with all that moms today have on their plates. Do take the time to put yourself in the shoes of mom–show you care about what interests.

If you happen to have a “sporty” mom, or a mom who enjoys sports, outdoors, or fitness, we have some great gift ideas.

A Fitness Class

Now, let’s be clear about one thing. This gift only works if mom is into fitness, not a mom who you wish was into fitness. Pilates and yoga classes, for example, can be quite pricey. A month’s worth of classes can feel a lot like an indulgence, but if it were a gift, mom could try out a class guilt-free to see if it’s worth pursuing. Or, go outside the box and doing a boxing, or self-defense class–one that probably isn’t on her radar!

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An On-Demand Fitness Subscription

Xfinity offers a totally affordable and really convenient service, which is Gaiam TV. With hundreds of Yoga and Fitness programs to choose from, Gaiam TV allows you to work out in the comfort of your own home, on YOUR schedule. Gone are the days of VHS and DVDs! Instead of ending up tired of the same workouts, check out these constantly changing array of options. If you’re thinking about switching over to Xfinity, check out a special offer for new customers.

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If mom is into a specific sport, or past time, upgrade her digs. Need new hiking boots, roller blades, or running shoes? Probably best to do a gift certificate because these can be hard to size. Check out Sports Experts for a gift card, or better yet, take mom shopping to your nearest Dick’s. Another great call is to create a gift basket with those smaller items, like a water bottle, socks, armband phone holder, high energy snacks, and some other cool items. This is something you can do in a pinch!

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An Adventure

Maybe indoor rock climbing? Maybe a pass to a Ninja Warrior Gym? An archery class? A race car driving experience? Think of something really cool that mom would never think to do on her own. As a partner, it would be cool to turn Mother’s Day into an adventure that you can do together–after all, as parents, our love lives tend to suffer and while down time is cool, but adventures can be a real bonding experience.

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