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Gifts the Whole Family Will Love

You can search far and wide for a gift for each and every member of the family or simply look for one gift that will please everyone all at the same time. While individual gifts are just for one person, group gifts are meant to be shared. Family gifts typically involve an event or activity that the entire family can participate in together. The gift can be used for a one time occurrence, (like tickets to an event), or used over and over again like a board game.

christmas-gifts-under-the-treeOf course, you want to make certain you find a quality gift that you know the whole family will love. So here are a few ideas to get your pointed in the right direction.

1. Movie Night

boxes-of-popcornJust about everyone enjoys family movie night so the real question is how do you prefer to watch a film; cuddled up on the couch or in front of the big screen? A Netflix gift card is the perfect gift for those who prefer to stay home. A basket full of popcorn, candy, soda bottles and a Netflix gift card is all you need. For those who prefer to watch new releases on the big screen swap out that Netflix gift card for one to the closest movie theater.

2. Memberships to Museums, Aquariums or Zoos

lions-at-the-zooMuseum memberships are a great gift that can be used by the entire family. If museums aren’t your family’s cup of tea how about aquariums or zoos? Many of these attractions host member only events where families can gain special access to exhibits. There are typically fewer visitors there on those days and you can often receive additional perks like free gifts or snacks just for joining.

3. Saturday Morning Gift Basket

Many families enjoy spending Saturday morning in their pajamas preparing thick pancakes with maple syrup and butter. Do you want to add a new tradition to those pancake breakfasts? Would your family love to make snowflake shaped pancakes or pancakes shaped liked Star Wars characters? There are a wide range of unique pancake pans and molds available. Would they like to prepare freshly squeezed orange juice or morning smoothies? Take a look at the small appliances department at Kohl’s and decide if a new tool might make your pancake breakfasts even sweeter.

4. Tickets to a Sporting Event

Does your family have a favorite sport’s team? Do they enjoy watching hockey, basketball or football? If your family loves to watch sports together imagine how excited they will be to cheer for their favorite team in person. Search StubHub for events and listings. You will find a wide variety of seat options and prices. If you can afford lower level seats then buy them, but remember that you don’t need premier seats to have a great time. Even nose bleed seats are fun when the entire family is cheering together.

Do you think your family members would enjoy a group gift? Do you want to shorten that Christmas list and check off a bunch of names with one simple purchase? You’ll save a ton of money by lumping everyone’s gift into one big bundle. You’ll also save yourself a ton of time, because it’s a whole lot easier to search for one big family gift than it is to search for one gift for each member of the family. It’ll take a whole lot less time to wrap too!