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Gifts To Celebrate The Graduation Of Your Teen

Graduation day is indeed the biggest day of everybody’s life as it marks the beginning of an altogether new phase in the life. New friends, new dreams, and new tensions- you get to feel so much at just one point. Why not gift your child something special to celebrate such a big event in their life. Even though there have been cases of people gifting BMW’s or vacations worth thousands dollars, traditional graduation gifts have not lost their sheen. If you are struggling with the possible gift ideas, go through the following list of gifts:

Graduation gifts

1. Get something bling: There is no dearth of options when you are selecting a gift for a girl. Bracelets, rings or even lockets, they will love it all. You can even gift a watch or a keychain irrespective of their sex. In fact there are several vendors whom you can contact to make a personalized gift just for your loved one. This is surely a gift for a lifetime.

2. A gadget: Even though there are very less chances that your new graduate doesn’t have a smartphone or a high end camera, you can certainly scan through the latest gadget magazines to look for some innovative and useful gadget for your gadget freak. Pen scanners, laptop covers and smart pens can be very useful and handy in their college life.

3. Create their dormitory: There are high chances that your child will be planning to move to some other place for his further studies. Why not gift him the entire supplies that can make a perfect dormitory? Keep his choices as well as his needs in mind while you go out shopping. You can also take him along with you or causally ask for their suggestions. If you are not very sure of his choices, you can also try online shopping where you have the option of returning the goods after delivery.

4. Books: There is nothing like gifting motivational and inspirational books as a graduation gifts. These books will serve as a lighthouse for them to deal with the situations that are yet to come in life. How about gifting him a Nook where he can go through each and every book he likes in an online version or if you are on a budget, you can also get him a membership of a good library where he can satiate the reader in him.

5. Money: Even though it may seem too impersonal, but it is one of the most practical gifts for a recent graduate. He can use the money for taking admission in the college of his life. Apart from admission, there are several more expenses coming their way including traveling to a new destination, books, shopping and dorm shopping. You can either deposit this money in their bank account or give him a gift certificate or a shopping card. This will surely help him tackle his finances when he needs.

In the end, it is just the thought and the feelings behind the gift that counts. Just ensure that the gift that you decide displays your emotions and happiness for him to complete his graduation and take your relationship with your child a long mile.