Girl’s Night In – Fun Ideas for Cool Fall Nights

Fall is here and the warm days are finally giving way to cooler temperatures. When the weather changes it seems that everyone wants to stay indoors. So how can you spend time with your girl friends without getting all dressed up and meeting for dinner and drinks? Forget going out! Instead pick someone’s house or apartment as the place to meet. Then check out these fun ideas to pass the time together.

Clothing Swap

Gather your friends, order Chinese food and host a clothing swap. Ask your friends to raid their closets for any clothing and accessories they no longer want. Maybe they lost weight, changed their style or simply have a bunch of clothes in the closet that just never seem right. Tell your friends to wear camisoles and tights, so everyone can try on clothes without having to strip down in separate rooms. If a few articles of clothing are unclaimed by the end of the night they can be returned to their rightful owner or donated to a local charity.

Cooking Club

I’m sure you’ve heard of book clubs, but have you ever heard of a cooking club? It’s a round-robin get together where each of your friends gets the opportunity to prepare a meal for everyone to enjoy. Once a month a different host chooses a recipe and everyone brings an ingredient to add to the meal. What better way to bond then in the kitchen? One friend can chop while another pours the wine and yet another friend stirs the pot.

Arts and Crafts

Do your friends like to draw and paint? If so, you can host an art night where everyone chips in for paint and canvases. Do your friends like to write? Then host a poetry night where you supply your guests with writing prompts. Everyone writes down their thoughts then shares them with the group. As Thanksgiving and Christmas near you can even bake cookies and bring your friends over to decorate them.

Movie Night

Does your significant other enjoy the same movies you like to watch? If not, invite your girl friends over, microwave that popcorn, drop pillows on the floor or couch and fire up Netflix. Try to watch the movie a bit early so your friends can chat about the film after its over. Make certain to refill everyone’s drinks and bring out a bunch of scrumptious late night snacks.

The goal is to set aside time on your calendar, gather your friends and enjoy a fun evening together. The more fun you have, the more likely you are to meet up again next month.