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Give Back This Thanksgiving With The Kroger Family

So many of us have so much to be thankful for year round, but this is the time of year we collectively take time out to express and celebrate our gratitude. We have family and friends that can gather around a full dinner table at a home that shelters us from the elements, which, for most of us, are starting to get a bit frigid.

We are lucky. However, this time of year can be disheartening for those who don’t have the resources to participate in the tradition of a huge feast with tons of settings. If you want to take your gratitude a step further this year, take some of the abundance you have and share it with others who have less.

If you regularly shop at a store in The Kroger Family, which includes Kroger, Fred Meyer, Smith’s, Food 4 Less, City Market, Ralphs, Dillons, King Soopers and Fry’s, sharing the wealth via the dinner table is made a little easier.

First, they have partnered with Feeding America so that select purchases will trigger a donation of a meal to a family in need. This donation will be made by The Kroger Family. Right now through the 19th, a meal will be donated for every two Special K products purchased.

Another way they have worked to combat hunger, especially around the holiday season, is by partnering with local food banks across the country. You can look up a food bank near you to donate some of the items they’ll need most as they try to bring a happy Thanksgiving to every family in your area.

Here are some of the most commonly needed things for the fourth Thursday of November:



Stove Top stuffing is a staple at holiday meals. Because this can be easily stored and redistributed, it’s generally better than donating the individual ingredients to make it from scratch.

Cranberry Sauce


Another holiday favorite, canned cranberry sauce stays good on shelves even if it’s purchased at the beginning of the month. Help food banks stock up early so they’ll know they will have enough at the end of November.

Green Bean Casserole


Green bean casserole is a key dish at many Thanksgiving tables. The basic ingredients are green beans, cream of mushroom soup and crispy fried onions. The green beans should be canned so they’ll keep, but try to be conscious of sodium levels. Food banks try to keep their stores as healthy as possible, so when you’re looking at canned vegetables and soups, look for reduced-sodium versions.

Pumpkin Pie


No feast would be complete without dessert. To give someone the most traditional of Thanksgiving sweets, pumpkin pie, look at purchasing canned pumpkin, a pre-made crust, pumpkin pie spice and evaporated milk. They will still need eggs, but that’s something the food bank will need to be a little bit fresher. Four out of five ingredients isn’t bad.

The Turkey


No, we haven’t forgotten Thanksgiving’s centerpiece. However, turkeys are harder to store and donate because they have to stay frozen. Instead of buying the bird yourself, pick up a gift card to donate to the food bank. When you make your donation, relay that it is for Thanksgiving turkeys for your community.