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Give the Gifts Your Mom Really Wants this Mother’s Day

Are you still searching for the perfect Mother’s Day gift? What do you think your mom would love more than anything? A box of chocolates, a bouquet of flowers or a new pair of earrings? While you can’t go wrong with any of those gifts how about a gift that temporarily relieves mom of her household chores and responsibilities? Every day your mom tirelessly takes care of the house, the food and you. This Mother’s Day let mom take the day off with one of these out-of-the-box ideas.

Hire a House Cleaning Crew

Cleaning the house is one of those tasks that must be done, but few of us love to do it. Give mom a break from this chore by purchasing two to four hours of house cleaning services from Living Social. Let a crew of qualified cleaners mop the kitchen and bathroom floors, vacuum the rugs, make the beds and dust all of those hard to reach nooks and crannies. While you’re at it pay a little extra for special services like cleaning the refrigerator or oven. Let someone else remove the gunk and grime so your mom doesn’t have to.

Ease Meal Preparation

It might not seem like a big deal, but every day your mom has to figure out what to make for dinner and then spends time in the kitchen preparing meals. What if you could take the guesswork out of your mom’s menu planning? What if you could help your mom spend less time in the kitchen by providing her with delicious, ready-to-serve meals including sides, salads, desserts and beverages. If that sounds too good to be true check out the menus available at Munchery. With Munchery your mom doesn’t need to chop or prep. Instead she’ll wait for the meals to arrive, set the timer on the oven or microwave and simply heat them up.

Full Service Car Wash

Whether your mom drives a mini-van, sedan or SUV she probably spends the majority of her time driving you and your siblings around to sports games and school events. Her car is most likely filled with goldfish crumbs and sticky spilled drinks. This Mother’s Day give your mom a full service car cleaning package from Groupon. Find a company that will wash and wax the outside of her car as well as clean and condition the seats, carpeting and floor mats. A good company can make her car sparkle and shine like a new one.

Let Her Sleep In

From the moment you become a mom you lose the ability to sleep in. Newborns cry every few hours throughout the night and those lazy Saturday day mornings suddenly turn in to 6 o’clock wake ups. It doesn’t get any easier when the kids get older as moms still need to get the kids up and ready for activities and school. This Mother’s Day give the gift that costs absolutely nothing. Simply let your mom sleep in. Turn off her alarm clock, prepare your own breakfast and stay as quiet as possible so she can enjoy the peace and quiet of a restful morning.

Give Her Time Away

A lot of moms lose a bit of their identities after their children are born. Moms spend so much time helping and nurturing their kids that they spend little to no time on themselves. This Mother’s Day give your mom the gift of time. Encourage her to leave the house for a few hours to be alone. She can go to the mall, to an ice cream parlor or simply out for a walk. If she doesn’t want to venture too far from home make her a comfy spot outside where she can sip lemonade, read a book and simply relax.

This Mother’s Day skip traditional presents in favor of gifts that will give mom a little time off.