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Glimpse Of Galaxy Note 800

Tablets are fast catching the imagination of all those who are into gadgetry and tech. The latest to come out in this series is the Samsung Galaxy Note 800 powered by a 1.4 GHz quad- core Exnyos processor and 2GB RAM.

Samsung Galaxy Note 800

Let’s take a look into what makes Galaxy Note 800 so desirable. A 10.1 inch display with 1280 x 800p resolution is just the beginning. And the colorsare sure to take you by surprise! It has 16GB of internal flash memory storage that is expandable to 32GB. Also it feels light, and yes its just 0.35 inches thick. The tablet has a little plastic feel about it and no doubt that the casing could have been better. A lot of entry level tabs in the white domain feel more power packed due to the casing. This also makes it look fragile and handle with care sorts. But it is well designed and smart. It is available in two colors: pearl white and pearl grey.

From the technical front, this is a powerhouse of apps and innovation. It is s-pen optimized like its 5.3 inch predecessor. It’s a stylus and glides over smoothly. Responsive, precise and accurate are few words to describe the S- pen functionality. It’s a new thing and thus has takers. This makes it perfect for note-taking, drawing, sketching and other creative expressions. The user-friendly creation tool adds charm to this tablet. There are seven templates that closely express the details of life like note, meeting note, idea note, magazine, recipe, diary and travel. You have the freedom to create your story using the S Note.

The tab also responds to touch by fingers. So there’s functionality enough to satisfy both pro-pen and pro-finger users. Not much to complain there. Multi-tasking, browsing and gaming all at the same time is a cake walk. And to support it all, it comes with a 7000mAh battery.

Given that the market is virtually dominated by the Apple gang, Samsung with its Galaxy Note 800 has scored a mini victory of sorts. Samsung has taken itself bang into iPad territory and is faring decent. There is asupplementary layer on the Galaxy Note 800’s screen that makes it especially attuned to extraordinary, sharp-pointed pens through magnetism.

It runs on the Ice cream sandwich processor and can be upgraded to Jelly bean. And yes, this tab has the multi-screen option too. It is pretty amazing to see your video window and mail window side by side. The apps that you can use in this mode are Polaris office, Internet, S Note, Video player and gallery. It can’t be used with a third party application. The camera though can be a little disappointing. Its only 5MP and the pictures don’t come out that great. But again most people prefer to have a totally separate photography device. The device is also capable of making voice calls, so you can use it just for that as well.

The final say
Go for it! If it’s your first tab, it can’t get any better!