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Go Green in 2017! 5 Great First Steps

It’s never too late to start making your life a little more eco-friendly. Now that scientists agree that global warming is a real, and actively growing problem in the world, it’s more important than ever to start transitioning into a greener lifestyle.

glass jars of preserved foods

Many people want to start reducing their carbon footprint and negative effects on the environment, but aren’t sure what the first steps are. Well, let me break it down right away: there are no “right” first steps. The fact of the matter is that any steps are right steps, as long as you’re keeping the well-being of the planet and its people in mind.

That being said, here are five easy (and even fun) ways to start going green in 2017. And it doesn’t have to be expensive – check out our linked deals for each tip. As always, leave your favorite eco-friendly practices in the comments!

Switch Your Household Cleaning Products

This is one of the best things you can do because you can barely tell the difference once it’s done! Just buying products that are less harmful to the earth protects our rivers and streams as well as our soil and our food.

Household cleaning agents can be extremely harsh and harmful to the planet. The Honest Company has a replacement for everything from glass cleaner to baby powder. Frequently, the purity of these products means they’ll be even less aggravating for people with sensitive skin. Try out Honest products and get $10 off with our coupons.

Recycle and Use Second-Hand Products

Our generation’s obsession with “newness” is officially outdated. We need to start using what we already have, and thrift shopping is a great way to do that. Not only are you recycling, you’re reusing and upcycling! Giving a new life to old clothing, appliances, and home decor is inexpensive, easy, and rewarding.

A good place to start is books. There are so many used books out there that look as good as new, but cost a tiny fraction of the price. Thrift Books specializes in finding and reselling used books at a great price. Get an extra 15% off of your Thrift Books order using our promo codes.


Plant Something!

This couldn’t be easier! All you need is a container, or a patch of dirt, some fertilizer, and a package of seeds. Whether you want to plant something beautiful or edible (or both!) is up to you, but the important part is learning how to grow plants in a way that is minimally harmful to the earth.

Growing in a container helps because it’s a self-contained unit that doesn’t affect groundwater or other soil. There are all kinds of cute and creative ways to use various types of containers to grow plants. I suggest growing herbs in an aluminum tub. Herbs are delicious and great for you, plus, it’s a great way to teach kids how to grow food!


Try Out Ethical Clothing

You might think of eco-friendly clothing as unaccessible and expensive, but I promise that’s not the case. Tons of small, independent brands are finding ways to create Earth-friendly clothing out of strong, sustainable fibers for affordable prices.

Some even go so far as to donate part of their proceeds to humanitarian organizations. The Elephant Pants makes incredibly comfortable, pajama-style pants that are made by people who are paid a fair wage in a developing country. On top of that, 10% of the proceeds go towards an organization that helps elephants (hence the name). These pants are great for yoga, sleeping, or just lounging around. Take an extra 10% off of your order with our coupon codes for The Elephant Pants.

Reusable Gift Wrap Bags Wrapping Fabrics

Think Outside the Box

This one is where you get to exercise your creativity and discover solutions that work for your life and your family. A good example? Reusable gift wrap. If you’re the type to give a gift to every single relative on their respective birthdays, something as simple as reusable gift wrap can cause a ripple of change with every gift.

eco-friendly solar panels in the mountains

There are tons of great ways to incorporate environmentally friendly practices into your life – these are just a few.

One of the most important ways to help make a positive change is to talk about it. Ask your neighbors what they do to reduce their carbon footprint, or keep the air cleaner. Ask around to see how people are transitioning out of using fossil fuels. Talk to the owner of your local hardware store about solar panels, and whether or not they could help you install some.

Lots of people are in the exact same place that you are – wanting to make a change, but not sure where to start. Hopefully, these five ideas give you a foundation for a greener lifestyle. After you get the hang of it, you can use your brilliant creativity to come up with even more ways to make positive changes!