Keep Your Memories Alive For Years With Amazing GOphoto

Sweet memories happen to be preserved fresh for time immemorial. Nobody wants time to eat away beautiful rendezvous. GOphoto helps everyone keep their memories alive for years to come. Vintage photography was not digitalized and photos and slides turn historic with time. But with GOphoto, not anymore!

Over the years photos in your albums or frames face the harshness of nature. Light reduces the sheen of the photos and dust/regular handling may cause scratches on the otherwise adorable snaps. With GOphoto, digitalize all the photos without any risk and affordable prices. Customers may send the prints in any condition either as a single photos or album.

GOphoto store

GOphoto offers a unique service to their customers to digitalize the hard copies of pictures, photos, slides, negatives and even post cards. Located in the Silicon Valley at the bottom of San Francisco Bay, GOphoto caters to digitalization of pictures globally. Customers from any latitude and longitude may post their pictures to GOphoto and get them delivered along with digital versions. Moreover, GOphoto also converts videos (VHS) into DVD. If not for DVD conversion, VHS drives get damaged and fall apart in around 5 years’ time. So, why wait go digitalize your memories and increase their shelf life.

Here is what GOphoto has to offer you:

  1. Every photo manually scanned one at a time.
  2. Individual attention to the photos keeps them safe from smudging, streaking or tearing in the equipment.
  3. The scans are of high quality with 600 dpi resolution for photos and 2000 dpi resolution for slides and negatives.
  4. The scans when needed are treated for best quality product. Rotation, cropping and light touch up done as required. However the customer can also access the original scan too.
  5. Professional grade add on services for greater resolution and TIFF format files.
  6. Not only this, before the photos are scanned they are manually cleaned to remove any dust and scratches.
  7. Low priced digitalization: only 44 cents per scan of photos, slides or negatives. No upfront charges.
  8. Low priced digitalization: only $19.95 per VHS to DVD conversion. No prepaid or upfront charges.
  9. No upfront charges. Select the best scans and pay only for those.
  10. Free online photo gallery with unlimited storage facility that enables organizing and sharing.
  11. Digital ICE technology that is very fast and thus enables quick turnaround time (typically within 2 weeks).
  12. Emergencies are respected here with 5 day rush service.
  13. All this is served with the safety of UPS tracked door to door shipping.

Pictures of size up to 8*10 are scanned for just 44 cents each. Slides of medium format, 110, 126 and 127 slides are also scanned at 99 cents each. Moreover, pro options offer scans in TIFF format for extra 50 cents per scan and Pro resolution photo scans 1200 dpi (negative scans 4000dpi) for 25 cents extra per scan. GOphoto are the safe hands that you may trust for making your memories more meaningful with digitalization and sharing.