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Gorgeous Sunglasses for Men and Women

We always need to protect our eyes from the harmful ultraviolet rays coming from the sun. We need to wear shades in order to protect them. The eyes serve as our window to the world. Without it, life can be so dark and very hard. Can you imagine your life without the sense of sight?

Shades don’t only offer sun protection but it also adds up beauty points on your overall appearance. It give you confidence and with an air of elegance. Choosing gorgeous sunglasses can never be this easy with

Do you know that offers stunning sunglasses and shades for every face? They have very affordable prices too, starting only at $12.95 per sunglasses.

Here are some best coupons and deals that only Inspired Shades can offer:

  • Get 25% off any order
  • Free shipping on all domestic orders over $50
  • $2 flat rate USPS shipping per pair of shades
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  1. A Gavin sunglass is only $19.95, a huge savings from its original price of $239.40. Gavin is 2 inches high and 5 ½ inches long. The frame is black plastic with silver metal accents on each side and polarized lenses.
  2. Harley’s frame is silver metal with a centre black leather and button accent with lens colour that varies with style. It is also 2 inches high and 5 ½ inches long. Perfect for any occasion. This shade is only $15.95, also discounted from the original price of $191.40.
  3. Paul sunglass’ frame has a silver metal accent on each side. The lens colour also changes with each style. You can get this for only $13.95. It is 1 ½ inches high and 5 ½ inches long.



  1. Arianna shade is only $17.95 with 2 ½ inches in height and 5 ¾ inches long. The oversized frame is gunmetal with a connecting CG on the side and black plastic arms with smoke lenses. Save as much $197.45 with this shade.
  2. Mackenzie shade is just 2 inches high and 5 ½ inches long. Its frame is black plastic with a silver metal circle accent on both side and it has a smoke lenses. The Len’s shade also varies with style. You can get this gorgeous shade for only $17.95
  3. Christy’s frame is a clear and black plastic with a lace-style design and smoke lenses. Get this stunning shade for as low as $13.95. Size is the same as Mackenzie, 2 inches high and 5 ½ inches long.

2 also offers Unisex sunglasses; both can be worn by men and women with different styles and designs too. What’s more, the site can also help you choose what perfect shade to purchase since they categorized their shades by price, style and type of activity you’re always in.

These deals won’t last for so long so why don’t you take advantage of its low prices? It’s not a crime to look gorgeous and nice from time to time especially that we really need sunglasses for our eyes protection. Sunglasses can help keep the ultraviolet rays away thus shielding your eyes from being damaged.