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Graduation Gifts for the Modern Grad

What to get for the grad in your life? It can be tricky trying to pick out a special gift for a special graduate. No two grads are the same, so an ordinary run of the mill gift probably isn’t your best bet when it comes time to congratulate the new graduate. Chances are, the grad will have stars in their eyes, as they make their plans for college or their career. Giving them something useful, yet wanted can certainly be a challenge, but doesn’t have to cause you any stress or anxiety. Here are a few terrific gift ideas for graduates.

Oh, the Places You’ll Go is a wildly popular gift choice for graduation. This colorful Dr. Seuss book has been given to grads for decades and is a very sentimental gift. It encourages and reminds grads that nothing is out of their reach. You can purchase a hardcover copy of the book at Barnes and Noble. You can get 15% off one item, and get free shipping if you spend $25.00 or more. See if you can get all of your friends and family members to write a special note to the grad inside of the book cover, so they’ll always have it as a special keepsake.

Since textbooks are so expensive, why not consider a gift card to the school’s bookstore? If that option isn’t available, check out University Book Store for all types of fun gifts and accessories that will help to prep the grad for their upcoming college courses. Right now, you can save 20% off fine writing instruments.

Cash is always a popular gift, too. Why not get creative with it, though? You could empty a tissue box, and fill it up with various paper bills (money). Make a little sign that says ‘for those days you’re feeling blue.’ When they go to reach for a tissue, they’ll instead pull out money, and will instantly be cheered up! You could also write them a check in the amount of their graduation year. Since this is 2017, you’d write a check for $20.17… or maybe even $2,017.00! The choice is up to you. It’s definitely a different take on a cash card!

If the grad will be living in a dorm, they’ll need a shower caddy. It’s a practical gift that they’ll use (hopefully) every day. A mesh shower caddy might be your best choice because it won’t hold water and form mildew or mold. Fill the shower caddy up with all sorts of bath and shower items, like shaving cream, shampoo, conditioner, soap, body wash, razors and blade refills. These are those pesky items that college kids need but don’t want to spend their work study money on. You can find a variety of shower caddies and other dorm accessories at Bed Bath and Beyond. You can get a $50.00 gift card on a $200.00 purchase from Bed Bath and Beyond, so go ahead and shop for the grad- and maybe start a little Christmas shopping while you’re at it. You could gift that $50.00 gift card to the grad, along with the shower caddy! Just tuck it inside for a nice surprise.

A quilt or throw blanket is a sweet and sentimental gift that will keep the grad warm, and will bring back special memories. You can have a quilt made of all of their favorite t-shirts from their childhood, and they can take it with them when they head off to college. This might be a bit pricey, but it’s well worth the price for the way it’ll make the grad feel when they see it and use it.