Greatcall Coupon: Up to $20 Off Greatcall Jitterbug & Free car charger

As we get older, the need to stay in touch with relatives and friends increases. Whether it is for companionship or support, technology seems to make these connections harder to maintain. Today’s phones are complicated to use and they have become less suitable for people who continue to adjust to the fast growing changes of the mobile world. Most importantly, senior citizens require special attention in case on emergencies and it is critical to provide them with simple and accessible technology. Greatcall provides seniors with the convenience of exclusive easy-to-use cell phones that have health apps and plans. With Greatcall ‘s Jitterbug, our grandparents and older parents can have mobility that fulfills their greatest needs, especially in times of emergencies. Get our Greatcall coupon below and save on your Jitterbug.

Greatcall Coupon, Coupon Code:

  • Get $10 off when you when you activate your 5Star device online.
  • Up to $20 off Greatcall Jitterbug Plus and Jitterbug Touch 2, plus free shipping.
  • Free car charger with any phone purchase.

GreatCall Wireless, set up by industry veterans of wireless history in 2006. Located in San Diego, California, it is an American mobile virtual network operator providing service using the Verizon Wireless network. All their cell phones provide personalized services and customizable applications. It is are easy to set up, easy to use, and keeps you connected, safe and healthy on the go.

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