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Group Themed Halloween Costumes for the Whole Family

Every year my son picks out a costume and then begs me to buy a similar one for myself. Without fail he’ll ask, “Can we dress like a family of dinosaurs mama or a flock of birds?” I see his point. While it’s a whole lot of fun to dress up yourself it’s even more fun to dress up everyone you know. If you like the idea of group themed costumes then I have a bunch of fun ideas for you.

Superheroes & Villains

batmanBatman made his first appearance in the DC Comics in 1939 and is now more popular than ever. Do you want to look like the 1960s Adam West version of Batman or do you prefer the mysterious look of the Dark Knight? Whichever version you choose this is a great costume to wear with friends and family. Decide who gets to be the superhero then dress your friends as Batman’s villains including The Joker, Penguin and The Riddler.


When you think of Halloween there are some traditional costumes that repeatedly come to mind. Ghosts, witches and vampires certainly rank among the top of that all-time Halloween list. Consider dressing the family as a small pack of blood guzzling vampires. This is one costume that cries out for ghoulish makeup and fake fangs.



Pirates of the Caribbean is a popular film featuring the now infamous character of Jack Sparrow. Why not dress as pirates for the evening? You can pretend to set sail on a deep-sea adventure with your first mates and crew.


Are you looking for a simple, but colorful costume? Then consider dressing your family and friends as a giant pack of crayons. Every person in the group can choose their favorite color and believe it or not they even have pet crayon costumes so Fido can join in on the trick-or-treating fun too.



Does your child love martial arts? Do they sneak quietly into a room and drop into a warrior stance? If so ninja costumes might be the right choice for your family. You can find dark and mysterious costumes with sheathed swords or brightly colored martial arts costumes.

The Renaissance

Do you dream of living in an earlier time? Would you like to transport yourself back to the 17th century where knights fight with swords and princesses watch jousts from the courtyards of castles? You can find a wide range of costumes to depict this time period, choose among costumes of maidens, queens, gypsies, knights, monks and wizards.

Star Wars


Star Wars costumes are a great choice for a group themed Halloween. There are options for dressing as Princess Leia, Luke and of course Han Solo. Not to mention Darth Vader and all of his storm troopers. You can even find glowing lightsaber accessories that will help light your path throughout the night.

No matter which option you choose wearing coordinated costumes is guaranteed to be a whole lot of fun for all of your friends and family. If you are having trouble deciding on which costumes to buy check out this awesome group costume selector from