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Grown Up Easter Basket Ideas for Adults

Who says Easter baskets are just for kids? Do you have college aged children who would love to find a colorful, grass filled Easter basket with their name on it? How about a grown sibling, spouse or even parent? We all know that jelly beans and cheap plastic eggs might make the best treats for young kids, but you’ll have to think a little more creatively to entice adults to peek into their cellophane wrapped baskets.

Here are a few fun grown up Easter basket ideas:


Every generation seems to find its unique sound. What was the music of your time? Did you grow up listening to grunge bands, banging your head up and down to the sound of heavy metal or rocking out to hardcore punk? In the past we headed to the music store in search of records, tapes and CDs. These days’ music stores are a rarity, all you need now is an iTunes card and a list of favorite tracks. This Easter save up to 9% on iTunes gift cards by purchasing them from


Everyone has a favorite snack. Some like them salty and some like them sweet, but just about everyone craves a mid-day treat. Consider buying small bags of chips, pretzels, granola bars, nuts or dried fruit. Add a bottle of soda, flavored water, or some other special beverage. Easter baskets aren’t meant to be healthy so consider adding a few of these often frowned upon goodies. You can find all sorts of snacks at Boxed and receive free shipping on your first order.


We all know children love candy but the truth is most adults do too. Some adults may yearn for the nostalgia of Easter classics like chocolate bunnies and Cadbury Crème eggs while others may prefer a more refined selection from Wockenfuss or Godiva. Right now you can purchase one dark chocolate, foil wrapped, Godiva bunny for $5 or buy six for $20. If your college aged child has outgrown the desire for chocolate bunnies opt for a mouth-watering box of dark decadent truffles instead.

Lottery Tickets

Who doesn’t love the thrill and anticipation of winning money? This Easter tuck a few scratch off tickets in between the green grass of that Easter basket. After the baskets are opened gather everyone around and see if anyone reveals a lucky ticket.

Special Events

Imagine how excited your husband will be to find tickets to a sporting event in his Easter basket. Baseball is in season and what could be more fun than a day at the ballpark? Is your significant other more of an arts lover than a sports fan? Look into tickets to the symphony, the theatre or a local museum. Do you have a music lover in the house? Search StubHub for upcoming concerts.

Something Different

If you feel stumped for Easter ideas check out the Things to Do category on Groupon. You’ll find all sorts of adventures you and your Easter basket recipient can do together. A simple search will yield a wide range of results including go-cart racing, art classes, bus tours, river cruises, laser tag and golf packages. Print out a picture of the activity and circle a date on your calendar.

This year don’t let the little kids have all the fun. Make grown up Easter baskets for your loved ones.