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Guide To Buying A New Appliance

Appliances like washing machines, refrigerators, mixers, gas stoves etc. are an integral part of any modern household. Buying the household appliances is not an expense but a necessary investment. As these products are to be used on daily basis and over the years it is very important to pick these appliances with utmost care. Know about their features and then decide which one to buy. Here is your ready buying guide for a new appliance. Here are some tips that you need to keep in mind:


1. Price: The price of the same type of appliance may vary in terms of size and shape. A lot of times a cheaper product is made of a cheaper quality of the materials that is weak and breakable. This means a buyer will have to again put on added cost for repair in a future or buy a new product. Hence it is better to invest in an appliance which can last long and is durable. Comparing prices before buying also helps. Usually different retail outlets have different prices for the same appliances. It is advisable to visit two to three home appliances store and make comparative analysis.

2. Size: Appliances vary in sizes to meet the requirements of different spaces as well as the preference of the user. Before buying a big appliance, one needs to have a clear idea of where to place it in the house and its purpose. If you need the microwave for some basic cooking and re-heating purpose then buy the smaller size rather than investing on bigger product type.

3. Warranty: Most of the times, the warranty price is included in the purchase price which makes it a little more expensive. It is better to buy the products with the extended warranty to save future cost. But remember, don’t pay the exorbitant fee which might be lot more than the repair cost if needed in future.

4. Operating cost: The more the energy the appliance uses the more is the operating cost. The effect on your utility bill can be significant for over the years. Pick the appliances with maximum energy star-qualifications as they let you save almost 10% to 50% of the energy consumption amount. Consider this and only then make your choice. Pick the home appliance with moderate energy needs to save operating cost.

5. Color: The home appliance that you pick must blend with the home interiors. These days home appliances are available in range of colors to lend your kitchen a vibrant and classy look. Decide whether you want stainless steel look appliances or appliances in vibrant or subtle hues.

6. Reviews: Before you buy the product it is very important to read the reviews. There are many portals that give you honest user reviews. Consider these reviews before making your choice to make most of your money.

These 6 tips are sure to help the shoppers pick the right home appliances without much of hassles and having to run from pillar to post.

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