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Guide To Life+Gear Spotlight Deals

Are you planning to go on a camping trip? Then you must be equipped with products that are engineered with the capabilities of life-savings. Life+Gear, is a well-known name in the industry for inventing, manufacturing and marketing the every-day-use products that have come handy in the situations of emergency. The company has the following things to offer:


1. Flaslights
2. Glowsticks
3. Spotlights
4. Tactical Flaslights
5. Survival kits
6. Lantern
7. Auto

Life+Gear have a simple goal to spread the global message of being prepared for disaster and emergencies. The company came in being around 2004, after the Tsunami disaster in South East Asia. The company is focused to bring the innovation in the products and thus have multiple features in a single device. These flashlights have storage space to keep food or drugs, whistle, emergency flasher and water resistant.

The company is known to build strong relationships with Disaster Relief and Emergency Organizations. They also work in partnership with American Red Cross Society. There are many spotlight deals floated by Life+Gear. Some of them are:

1. Glow LED Lantern 8 is available for merely $14.99: This is a perfect lantern to take on camping trips when out with the family. This LED lantern is a right source of lighting and quite reliable for night use. You can even use this as a signaling tool in case of emergency. It has following features:

• Runs on 4xAA batteries
• Splash proof
• 35 Lumens
• Flasher mode
• Four mode switch button (Off, Flasher, Lantern and Glow Red)

2. 50% off on the selected items: This deal let you buy products at 50% off. There can be nothing better than this. You can buy the following products under this deal:


• Three Pack glow flashlights: This product features flashlight with emergency flashers, storage compartment and are waterproof. It is original price is $43.97 but is available for $21.98. This means saving of 50%.

• Multi-colored flashlights: This flashlight gives out blue, red, yellow and green light. You can buy this for $7.99 instead of $11.99. This means saving of $33.36.


• Curvy glow pen: This pen let you write in the dark and is available for merely $2.99 instead of $5.99. Thus, you get to save 50% on your purchase.

• Multi-colored glow sticks: This is ideal for lighting up the location and nights in various colors. These are battery operated, eco-friendly and chemical free. This is a perfect ‘Go Green’ accessory that is widely used when you out for camping, hiking or boating. These have LED flashlights, emergency flasher, emergency whistle and 200 hours glow stick life.


• Fleece blanket: Own this blanket for merely $7.99 in place of $11.99. Here you get to save almost 33%. This is ideal for camping trips.

To further attract the buyers there is free shipping on orders of $25 and above. To know about the latest spotlight deals it is best to keep an eye on the offers. The best way is to subscribe with the portals that get you details on the latest deals and coupons.