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Hack Thanksgiving Dinner with these Kitchen Tools

Cooking a feast is work. Hard work.

Luckily, there are tools that make it easier. This Thanksgiving, check out these ingenious instruments from Sur la Table that will make your efforts in the kitchen a little more effortless.

Cuisipro 3-in-1 Baster


Basting can turn into a messy and sometimes dangerous tour. In a bowl, you’ve got your stock, butter, broth or whatever you’re using to baste the turkey. In your hand, you’ve got a basting brush. Now you have to apply the stuff from that bowl onto the bird. And let’s be real—we know you aren’t actually taking the turkey all the way out of the oven each time. (Though you should. That’s probably safest.)

To lessen the mess, check out Cuisipro’s 3-in-1 baster. You put your broth or basting material inside the tube, put on the brush applicator, and gently squeeze to apply. It’s all done with one hand! Want a heavier stream to come out? Just switch the applicator.

Sur La Table Flavor Injector


Want to give your turkey that extra umpf? Avoid stuffing sticks of butter up its butt with this flavor injector. It shoots your basting material inside the turkey for a juicier, more flavorful bird. It also makes your meal potentially healthier as you can use stock or broth instead of butter. (But we won’t judge if you melt butter to use with the flavor injector, anyways.)

Prepara Roasting Laurel


You know that thick grease or grizzle at the bottom of a roasted turkey? It might taste good, but it’s super unhealthy. It’s also preventing you from cooking your bird evenly, meaning that parts of your turkey are probably overcooked to ensure that none of the others are raw.

This roasting laurel solves those problems. It lifts the turkey up off the bottom of the pan for a more even, healthier roast.

Cuisinart Electric Knife


Maybe you’re already awesome at carving a turkey. Your knife slides through its meat like butter.

For the rest of us, getting an electric knife can save us time and frustration, along with allowing us to score extra presentation points.

This can be used throughout the year on other meats, but also on homemade breads.

Sur La Table 3-in-1 Apple Tool


It cores the apple. It peels the apple. It slices the apple.

It takes everything time-consuming about prepping an apple pie and eliminates it. This tool is perfect for Thanksgiving dessert, but it can also be used for other healthy snacks throughout the year.

Stoneware Bakers with Lids


While the host may do most of the Thanksgiving Day cooking, it’s rarely a sole endeavor. If you’re a guest bringing along a side dish, you need to transport it to the dinner table with care. Whether you’re making yams or green bean casserole, these stoneware bakers allow you to bake, transport and store without worrying about spills. Many casserole dishes come with unsecured glass lids, which is all fine and dandy until you turn a corner in the car.