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Half Price Yummy Meat from Hearst Ranch


Every weekend barbecue, steak is surely my top priority. And when asked about which brand of beef to buy, no doubt, is Hearst Ranch.

I love Hearst beef’s authentic taste of the American West. The key to its yummy meat lies on its cattle living a completely natural existence. The Hearst family has raised cattle on the rich sustainable native grasslands of the Central California coast since 1865. The result is beef with remarkable flavor that’s as memorable and natural as the surrounding landscape.

To maximize my money, I usually sign up Hearst Ranch coupon alert to fully take advantage of some steak promotions, and this method gets me more extra gourmet meat.

Just now, I was informed that Hearst Ranch kicked off FREE SHIPPING + 50% OFF Gourmet Ground Beef with threshold of $39 minimum order. Wow, I wouldn’t miss this rare opportunity. This time Hearst Ranch discounts its products of Grass-fed American Steaks, Heritage Pork and Pasture-raised Lamb. For the half price meat, enter code FREESHIPCJ at checkout. It’s valid through Dec 31, 2010.

Now rush to enjoy your steak!