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Halloween Costumes for Your Car

You’ve got your Halloween costume. You’ve got your kids covered. Pet? Check. But how about a Halloween costume for your car?

It might not be the first thing you think of, but dressing up your vehicle for this ghoulish holiday can be fun for you and your family, not to mention all the people you drive by. Most of our picks below come from Walmart, where you can currently get free 2-day shipping with no minimum order restrictions.

Zombie Stick Family


A fun twist on the typical family minivan decals, this zombie stick family is infinitely cooler than the dad in tie, mom in dress, and 2.5 children that are playing baseball and cheerleading. Even Fido has gone the way of the dead, making this traditional decal anything but.

Bloody Hand Decals


While they’re really meant for windows, sticking these bloody hand decals on the hood of your vehicle will make the neighbors, and everyone else you may pass by, do a serious double take as they wonder how you could be so bold as to hit and run without even taking the car to the wash. It’s like Halloween and April Fool’s all packed into one.

Grim Reaper Backseat Driver


Yet another way to freak others out on the road is this grim reaper decal. Stick it in the backseat window, and you’ll look like you have Death telling you which way to turn when you get off the highway. (We wouldn’t listen to him, but that’s just us.)

Creepy Clown Companion


This guy goes in the same place as the grim reaper, but instead of telling you which way to go, the clown’s purpose is to freak out anyone on the road who has ever seen IT. Thank you, Stephen King. Thank you.



Need something a little less petrifying and a little more family friendly? Pick up a pair of these eyelashes….for your car! They’re super cute, and the kids will get an absolute kick out of them. They’re meant to fit any car, and are applied with crazy strong tape so they won’t blow off even when you’re cruising down the highway. They’ll also make your vehicle easy to spot in the parking lot.

Spiderman or Venom


The only item on our list not from Walmart is this awesome cling-on from Gearbest. This will especially win over the kids and other Marvel fans in the household. You have your choice between Spiderman or Venom creeping up your window. Just be careful before rolling any windows down—you wouldn’t want him to fall off! To avoid this problem you can also stick him to your hood or out of the way somewhere on your rear view mirror.

Light Strips


These light strips come in both blue and red, and are completely flexible and waterproof so they’ll take the shape of the undercarriage of your car without snapping or sustaining water damage. Before you take your car out looking light a night club, though, be sure that this type of decor is legal in your state. While affordably outfitting your car for the holiday, we’d hate to see you getting a ticket that could negate all the savings.