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Halloween Party Ideas for Teens


Kids of all ages love Halloween. Many teens still want to get dressed up and celebrate the spooktacualr holiday, but feel that they’re too old. If you have teens, you can offer to throw a Halloween bash for friends and neighbors, and allow your teenagers to invite some of their friends to enjoy the party. With teenagers, the main thins will be to have activities so that they won’t become bored. Plan ahead by mapping out your food spread, drinks, and by having some fun and unique things for the party guests to do.


Keep the food simple, yet sophisticated. You can’t go wrong by serving pizza. Teens are always hungry, and tend to love pizza (lots of it). Order pizzas ahead of time from Dominos, and plan to have extra on hand in case your teens decide to call friends over at the last minute. Have lots of different varieties of pizza available, and change up the crust options from pan to thin. The wackier the topping combinations, the better. Go with a garden pizza, a Hawaiian pizza, a meat lovers pizza, peppers, onions, and olives, and classic cheese and pepperoni. For dessert, serve up delicious dessert pizzas. You can make a cookie crust and top with peanut butter and chocolate chips, sprinkled with candy corn and vanilla icing for a loaded sweet treat! Just check to make sure that there are no peanut allergies among your party guests, and don’t forget the drinks. Bottled water and cans of soda are an easy way to go. Use plastic cutlery, and paper plates and napkins that can be thrown away or recycled.

Set the mood for your party by renting a fog machine or by using dry ice to create a foggy scene in your house. You can choose a party theme, like a haunted mansion, monster mash, Nightmare Before Christmas, or something like these to get your guests excited. Host a costume contest at the party. This will encourage everyone to come dressed up, and you might even have 100% participation if you offer a prize! A perfect prize could be something like a gift card to the local movie theater, tickets to a playhouse, an Amazon gift card, etc. If your teen doesn’t want to get in on the costume contest fun, ask them to judge the costumes, instead.


Get everyone into the Halloween spirit by having a space for karaoke! Everyone will love taking turns singing their favorite Halloween themed songs. You can download songs to play and have everyone sing along, or purchase backing tracks for a true karaoke experience. Some songs you’ll want to make sure you have ready for the party are:

I Want Candy

Monster Mash

I Put a Spell On You


Don’t Fear the Reaper


Season of the Witch

Witchy Woman

Hosting a Halloween party for teens doesn’t have to be a snooze-fest. You can have fun, and so can they. Just keep in mind that teens might want some space to hang out or chill, away from little kids or adults. Just keep an ‘open door’ policy in place, and if all else fails, have some scary movies or Netflix and popcorn ready for the party poopers. If your teen really protests the idea of participating in party activities, just put them on candy duty at the front door.