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Halloween Party Prep for Busy Moms

So, your kids have asked if they could have a Halloween party for their friends at the last hour. In your exhausted state, you said ‘yes,’ and now, you have a party to plan for your kids and their friends. With some simple planning, you can throw a great party that your kids and their friends are sure to love. Decide from the start that you’re going to keep things simple, and inexpensive. You can even enlist some help from friends and family to make the party a big hit, and easier on you- the hostess!
Host the party outside. If you have the outdoor space to host the party outside, you’ll save yourself from having to spend a lot of tie cleaning and setting up inside. There’s less space to worry about decorating, and plenty of room for fun and games. If you can swing an outdoor party, ask partygoers to bring lawn chairs to sit in, so you don’t have to scramble to look for extra seating. Amazon has great deals on outdoor seating, if you need to add an extra sitting area for the adults. In a pinch, heavy quilts or blankets make great outdoor seating areas for kids.


Keep decorations to a minimum. When you don’t have a lot of places to hang decorations outdoors, you may have to come up with some alternate ideas. Inflatable are fun, but they can be rather expensive, so why not go the DIY route? You can create a dancing circle of ghosts by using old white sheets. If you don’t have old sheets, you may want to purchase some new ones that can be washed and used again later on. Linen Chest has some fabulous deals going on right now. You can save up to 75% off in their Warehouse Sale! Who knows, you may even find some things you didn’t know you needed for the party! Other inexpensive decorations include spider webs, which can be purchased from a Dollar Tree. The spider webs will be a spooky and fun addition to your party scene! Nerd Block has some really cool monthly subscription boxes with all sorts of pop culture figurines, t-shirts, toys, etc. You could easily use some of the goodies included in one of their horror boxes for decorations- just check to make sure that they are age appropriate, if there will be young ones in attendance.


Keep the snacks simple. Every good party needs to have food for the guests. Chances are, the kids will want to show off their costumes, run around and play. They’ll be hungry after an evening of fun, so have some easy to grab snacks on hand. Chocolate dipped pretzel sticks are really tasty, and offer a salty and sweet bite in one. You can use colored candy melts and different colored sprinkles to make the pretzel sticks festive for the party. Other great snack ideas include individual bags of Goldfish crackers, granola bars, pudding cups, and a Halloween candy ‘Boofet’. You should also have healthy snack options available, like bananas and cuties. You can create ‘Boonanas’ by making little ghosts out of the bananas, and turn the peeled cuties into little pumpkins.

Don’t forget the goodie bags! Send the kids home with a little surprise treat bag. You can fill the bag with assorted candies, a craft, Halloween temporary tattoos, stickers, and more. The kids will love going home with their prize bags, and won’t be able to wait until your next party!