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Halloween Safety Tips For Kids

Halloween is just around the corner, haunted houses and getting a scare can be a thrill but not when it comes to your child’s safety. Here are some tips to help you have a fun and safe Halloween with your kids.

halloween-safety-4Choose Safe Costumes

When choosing Halloween costumes there are several things to remember for safe Trick or Treating. Make sure you buy the right size, costumes that are too big can cause kids to trip and fall. Make sure your child can see well, if possible use non-toxic, face paint instead of masks. If you do choose a mask, make sure that your child can see clearly. Use reflective tape on your child’s treat bucket or bag, you can also add it to their costume if possible. Try to choose light color costumes because they are more visible. Make sure your child’s costume is flame-resistant. Walmart is a good place to shop for these things.


Check Candy and Treats

Explain to your children that they are not to eat anything unless you check it.  When you check their candy look for any signs of tampering. Make sure candy is in the original, unwrapped wrappers. If you see wrappers that look old, torn or dirty, throw that candy away. If your child has received fruit, make sure the flesh is clean without any marks or cuts. When you get home, wash the fruit and slice it for your child. If there is any candy you do not recognize, throw it away.


Walk Safely

Accompany your child at all times. Carry flashlights so that you will be seen by vehicles. Kids can carry glow sticks or wear glow stick necklaces to increase their visibility. Flashlights, glow sticks and glow necklaces can be found on


Be extra careful when crossing streets. There is likely to be more traffic than usual as parents are driving kids around, so be alert. Don’t let children run from house to house. Walk on sidewalks if possible. If there are no sidewalks make sure you walk facing traffic on the left side of the road. Keep your eyes open for cars backing up or pulling out suddenly. Got to local, familiar neighborhoods and houses of people you know, skip dark or poorly lit houses. Carry your cell phone with you in case you have to make an emergency phone call.


I hope these tips help you to have a happy and safe Halloween.