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Happy Father’s Day! Make Eveyday A Special Day For Your Dad

Happy Father’s Day we say! Of course you shouldn’t celebrate how amazing your father or your husband is on this special day, you should do it everyday! On this day, however, make it count by giving him something every father deserves—a grill in the summer! According to Forbes, most fathers would rather take a T-bone grilled steak than any other ordinary Dad gift.

The best part is that Father’s Day occurs Sunday. This means he will be relaxed and excited about using a grill on which to cook his juicy, tasty steak.
Believe it!

Larry Olmsted explains, “What Dad wouldn’t want a thick, juicy steak for Father’s Day? Less than 14% according
to a whimsical study commissioned by mail order giant Omaha Steaks, and 86% opted for red meat!” So give Dad what he wants.  The great news is that Sears offers a remarkable sale on this beautiful grill—with free shipping!
What better and more trusting brand than Kenmore?

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We hope you enjoy this day by celebrating with the BEST fathers!