Happy Israel travel with Bein Harim

A tour to Israel is a transformational experience and a spiritually uplifting adventure. Visit the birthplace of Jesus in Nazareth; see where the battle of Armageddon would take place near Megiddo; cross over the Sea of Galilee where Jesus walked on water. Take a drive on the coast of the Dead Sea; have lunch in Abraham’s Tent and then effortlessly float in the salt concentrated waters of the Dead Sea. Jerusalem would be the highlight of your trip where you would see Golgotha close to Jesus’ crucifixion. You could visit the Western Wall, the Temple Mount, the Mount of Olives, Hezekiah’s Tunnel or even take part in a Seder meal. An Israel vacation would give you a taste of the Bible’s richness and reality. You will never read your Bible the same way again. This life experience could be a dream come true with Beim Harim! Beim Harim Tour Services LTD is a leading Israeli government licensed travel service specializing in the planning, organization, and conducting of customer-made guided tours. The company employs highly experienced government licensed tour guides. It offers tours in an extensive range of languages and all its vehicles are approved by the Ministry of Tourism to offer customers top comfort sightseeing. Tourists can enjoy their travel with less concern.

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