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Haunted House Party Ideas for Families

Everyone loves Halloween. Getting all dressed up can be so much fun, and for kids, they’ll love getting together with their friends to collect candy and show off their costumes. Kids might think that haunted houses are cool, especially around Halloween time. The truth is, however, that haunted houses can be pretty scary, and downright inappropriate for kids. You can throw a fun haunted house themed party, and bring the spooky fun down to a kid-appropriate level. Adults will think that the party is a great time, too! With ghoulish decor and more, everyone will want to come back year after year to see what you’ll come up with next.
Start with decorating the outside of the house. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make your home a spooky scene for Halloween. The best decorations are spider webs, and you can easily purchase a few bags of the pull apart webs at a Dollar Store. A little of the webs go a long way, so use a little or a lot to create the spider web look you want to go for. You can purchase large novelty spiders to hang in the webs. Make a spooky haunted graveyard in your front yard with foam headstones. Hang skeletons from trees, and hang bats with fluttering wings from your porch. This spooky entrance to the party will have guests getting into the right mood for the party.

You’ll want to decorate the inside of the haunted house to match the mood. Use black curtains throughout the house to create an eerie feel. You can find great deals on curtains at Bed Bath and Beyond. Dim the lights, and use different colored light bulbs in some of your light fixtures. Purple and orange lights can cast spooky shadows during the party. Continue the Halloween decorations inside. If kids will be attending your haunted house, you may want to keep the scary decorations to a minimum. Spider webs, black plastic rats, and the like can go a long way in terms of decorations.


Set up an activity station. One of the best parts of visiting a haunted house for kids, is having an area where they can explore gross and spooky stuff. Use old cardboard boxes to create a look and feel area for gross-outs! Cut two holes in each box front, large enough for kids to stick their hands through. Inside of each box, use platters of food to resemble things like eyeballs, brains, etc. You can use cooked spaghetti noodles for monster brains, and chilled grapes for eyeballs. Askt eh kids to feel the food and tell you what it feels like. Have prizes on hand for those who guess correctly.

If you have the space, line a dark hallway with cardboard boxes, and decorate with crepe paper. Let the kids crawl through box tunnels and make it to the other end. You can play spooky sounds as they make their way through the haunted tunnel. Let them choose a piece of candy once they’ve made it through the tunnel.


One of the best parts of any party, is having a really great sweets table for the guests. You can easily make some spooky-cute treats at home. Drape a black tablecloth over the table, and you’ll have an instant blank canvas to set your treats upon. Use plastic trays (you can paint them black) to set the food out on. Perfect treats to serve are simple ones, like cupcakes, cookies, cake pops, rice cereal treats, and candied popcorn! If you have a bunch of really hungry goblins at your party, you can always call ahead and order some Papa John’s pizzas! Plain cheese or a combination of black olives and onions are great for a haunted house party! Don;t forget to serve up some cool beverages. Keep bottled water in a  cooler, and serve punch or lemonade for the younger guests.

These party tips will have all of the kids on the block running toward the haunted house. After all, that’s where all the fun is!