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Have A Fun Filled Halloween Without Spending Too Much

Halloween is just around the corner and people have to decide whether they want to dress like the blood sucking vampire or the vile witch. It can get really expensive, but a few tricks can help you have a lot of fun without going overboard on expenses.


Halloween Costumes

If you plan to attend a costume party and do not want to spend much you can either improvise on one of your old Halloween costumes or even borrow from your friends. Here you have some examples of getting really affordable Halloween costumes

  1. Ghosts– It is one of the simplest costumes that you can make. Just take a sheet and cut few holes. Use paint at few places to add the blood stained feel to it.
  2. Clown– Use some of your own bright clothes. For more effect use some paint. A cheap wig and some face paint will complete the look.
  3. Mummy– This one is an old favorite and very easy to make. Just bandage yourself and use some white face paint. Bring out the effect with a limp and a crooked smile.
  4. Zombie-This requires some clothes that you can tear easily. Use makeup and paint to bring the zombie alive.

Halloween Party

You can be creative and have a great Halloween experience without spending a lot.

  1. Tell your friends to bring their own pumpkins for carving. Give them a time limit to carve their pumpkins and distribute few prizes for some of the best ones.
  2. Organize a witch hunt for kids. They have to look for the maximum number of witches in the house. Use cardboard and colored markers for making witches.
  3. Divide people in groups of four or five. The group has to wrap one of their members in bandages to make a mummy. Use rolls of toilet paper as a substitute. Give a small prize to the group that wins.
  4. Create a dark, spooky ambience in your living room and screen a horror movie. You are sure to hear a lot of blood curdling screams.

Halloween decorations

Instead of going to a shop to get expensive items to decorate your house, use some of these tricks to save a lot on decorations

  1. Remove some of your furniture and bring old items back from the attic. It will give your house the old and deserted look which is great for a Halloween party.
  2. There cannot be a Halloween without a jack-o-lantern. Carve a pumpkin to make your own jack-o-lantern or use some paint to make some freaky faces on it.
  3. If you don’t want to spend too much on flash lights, use a lot of candles. The dim light of candles will surely create a frightening atmosphere.

Apart from these if you are really looking for something very specific look for them online where you might get some great offers. You can also pick some great stuff post Halloween for the next year’s celebration at about 70-80% discount.