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Have Fun in the Sun—Don’t let these 12 deals melt with the sun!

So summertime is here and let’s go get some sun. Oh no, wait. You might think that vacation, shopping and beach would really cost your bank account to drop. Don’t worry because all you need is these 12 hot deals that would keep you in the right track without sacrificing the luxuries of enjoyment.

We all need big discounts right now and deals that could really put a smile on our face. So what are you waiting for, let’s soak up in the sun and enjoy the deals while it’s so hot.

Beauty and the Beach

Ulta ( – Don’t forget to bring beauty tools wherever you go and don’t forget to buy 2 to get 2 for free on Ulta’s cosmetics like skincare, antibacterial, hair care and bath. Not to mention a free travel beauty bag when you buy products worth $60 online. Grab the $3.50 off on any $10 purchase.

Bath & Body Works ( – They offer a sweet 50% on all Body Care products or you can get three travel body care for only $10. Plus a modest 20% off your entire order.

Sephora ( – What is summer without the sunscreens? Get Sunscreen Body Screen for as low as $23 or a Hydrating Mist Aloe for $10 – and be worry-free of the sun! Free shipping for orders over $50.

Hotels Oh La La

Cheap O’ Stay ( – Get $15 off on your budget-friendly hotel deals or air flight tickets. You can also save up to 35% on car rentals plus get $12 off! Deals will be good until April 30 only.

Travelodge ( – Stay for 2 nights or more and get 30% the price. Valid only until May 31. So hurry while the deal is still on.

Hotels ( – The hottest deal of up to 45% discount on bookings. Find the one that would fit your budget and you can also get big savings.

Here Comes the Bride!