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Moving into a rural area can change the way you think about shopping. Due to higher gas prices it can be a big deal to head out to the grocery store when you live well over 20 miles from the closest grocer. Thanks to the Internet, everyone can have great food delivered right to their door!

Schwan’s Online Grocery has nearly everything you could want or need to make great meals for your family. This company delivers to almost every area in the United States and the food is kept frozen during shipping. This is because Schwan’s uses trucks with freezers built onto the back.


Children that see a Schwan’s truck know what’s coming. Their faces light up as the truck pulls into the driveway with yet another delivery of some of the best tasting frozen foods you will find online.

The Schwans website offers a multitude of choices for households large or small. Even people that are single will find something to drool over in the online catalog. Everything from savory sausage to ice cream in decadent flavors can be purchased online, then dropped off at your door.

After ordering, you will be asked to pick a date for delivery. These dates coincide with the routes of Schwan’s drivers in your area. The driver is sent your order from the website and on the day you chose, voila, you have a shipment of great foods.

There have been some reports of problems with the communication between the people running the website and the drivers out making deliveries. This is usually a small problem such as something not being in stock on the truck, the driver forgetting to place an item from your order on the truck, or in the extreme cases – an order never reaching the driver at all.

These problems are always solved by the company which is pride of itself in providing the best customer service experience that they can. Any problem is solved by a real person, not an automated reply. Drivers will call in to their headquarters and ask for verification on the order. If the order is wrong, the driver will replace an item with something similar or something that is chosen by the customer. No one is ever left unsatisfied by the great service Schwan’s offers.

Another great point about this company is that you can always find specials online that you can’t find in the paper version of the company’s catalog. There are Internet deals, products, and coupons. By using the website you can have access to much more than you can find in the paper catalog or even on the truck if a Schwan’s driver happens to stop at your home.

For the very best in frozen gourmet food, Schwan’s has so much to offer!