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Headed to the Beach? Don’t Forget These Items!

Do your plans for Memorial Day weekend include a beach trip? Every year, Memorial Day weekend kicks off the summer vacation season, and many celebrate by heading to the beach. These long awaited beach trips are special. They’re the first real adventure of the summer season- the ones that everyone in the family looks forward to after a long winter and rainy spring. While fun in the sun sounds dreamy to most, the act of getting everything ready for a beach trip can be overwhelming. If you’re packing for only yourself, you have much less to worry about, and you can toss your items into a travel bag and be well on your way. Packing for an entire family is a different story.

Don’t forget the obvious must-haves. You know the ones- bathing suits, and such. Bring along a large beach bag to hold all of the items that will be traveling from the beach house to the actual beach. Make sure it has ample room for your necessities, like a towel, sunblock, snacks, etc.

You probably spent a lof of time picking out bathing suits for the family. Don’t forget to pay attention to sun protection. It’s a good idea to purchase UV protectant clothing, like those from Coolibar. A simple sun wrap can be used as a coverup and can keep sunburn or sun rash at bay. Get 15% off sitewide, and don’t forget to look at rashguards for the kids. Along with UV protection, pack sunglasses, and hats. The sun can be so hot and so damaging. Protect every inch of your bodies with the right gear. A good sunscreen is a must if you plan to play out on the beach. If you spend time in the water, make sure you reapply as necessary.

Bring along fun beach accessories, like monogrammed towels for the kids. If each child has their own towel with their name or monogram on it, there shouldn’t be any fighting over which child should get which towel. It’ll make the kids feel extra special to wrap up in a warm towel that’s just for them. Marley Lilly has a fabulous selection of monogrammed gifts. Sign up at Marley Lilly and get a code for free earrings.

Bring along a cooler or insulated bag for drinks and snacks. Spending a lot of time out in the hot sun can really take a toll on everyone’s bodies. Make sure that everyone is drinking plenty of cold water. Keep water cool in the cooler or insulated bag. You can also use a tumbler like a Yeti, which will keep drinks cold. If bottled water gets hot, do not drink it. Snacks are perfect for the beach, too. Bring something that won’t melt, get sticky, or attract bees. Crackers are a great snack for kids and adults.

Don’t forget the baby powder. It’s actually not for the reason you might think. Baby powder is the perfect way to get sand off of your feet, or other areas of the body. Just brush baby powder over the sandy areas, and watch it fall off. No more sandy feet in the car, or tracking piles of sand into the beach house!

You don’t have to bring the kitchen sink with you to the beach- just the essentials will do.