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Health Benefits of Spending Time Outdoors

Making plans to spend a lot of time outdoors this summer? You’re probably already thinking up ways to get out there and get as much fresh air in as possible. Far too many of us don’t spend enough time outside during the year, and when summer comes around. we’re just chomping at the bit to soak up the sun. When was the last time you really spent a good deal of time outside? We’re not just talking about a quick walk with the dog around the block, or a walk to the mailbox. When were you truly spending one on one time with mother nature?

Spending time outdoors has several health benefits. It can be so relaxing just to simply get outside and take a nice walk. Many people use the heat that coincides with summertime as an excuse not to go outside. No one should spend time outdoors when the air quality levels are dangerous, but if you plan ahead, you can time it just right to enjoy the coolest and most beautiful parts of a summer day.

Being outside makes you relax. Just walking out on your front stoop or porch with a cool beverage, or a cup of coffee in the morning will literally help your cares melt away. Creating a nice outdoor space to enjoy can really make it all the more enjoyable. Surround yourself with a color pallet that makes you happy. Add fresh greenery and florals to make the space even more in tune with nature. Add furniture that fits within the character of the space- be it a porch, patio, beach front deck or mountain porch. Teak furniture tends to be extremely versatile, and weathers very well. It only becomes more beautiful over time, rather than becoming old and worn looking, like pine or other types of materials. Gardener’s Supply has a beautiful collection of teak furniture, as well as lovely outdoor accents and decor. You can save 10% off $50.00 spent at Gardener’s Supply, which will give you some wonderful options to make your outdoor space a personal outdoor oasis.

Spending time in nature makes us happier. It’s natural to become a little depressed after the same old routine, every day. We’re shut up in our homes, in cars, or offices, and are so focused on the daily grind, that we forget to enjoy the important things in life. The beauty of nature is a gift that we certainly take for granted. Getting outside and enjoying the sights, sounds, and scents that are all around us, are actually good for our brains- not just our souls. Which do you think would leave you feeling happier- taking a walk on a treadmill in a stuffy gym, or taking a gorgeous nature walk? Good walking shoes are a must for your outdoor adventures this summer. Zappos is offering up to 25% off women’s sneakers and athletic shoes. That’s a deal worth taking advantage of. A good pair of athletic shoes is taking a step in the right direction when it comes to spending more time outside.

It’s not possible to spend every minute of the day outside, but it’s a wonderful feeling to want to spend time outside, rather than curl up on the couch after a long day at work. It may not feel natural to want to spend a lot of time outside at first, but once you give it a bit of practice, it’ll be like second nature to you, and you’ll want to get outside every chance you get.