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healthdirections is one of the unique initiatives of Philips Publishing International (PPI) incorporated in 1985. The online doctor’s community started off as an advisory newsletter and mailers initially.

In 1985, PPI began exploring its newsletter to include natural health advice and similar articles that highlighted help from alternative medicine doctors. Post the success of newsletter, PPI came up with a flagship newsletter in 1991 in collaboration with Dr. Julian Whitaker’s Health along with the acquisition of Mountain Home Publishing and the newsletter Alternatives, both owned by Dr. David Williams.

In 2004, the business was officially rebranded as Healthy Directions and till date stands to be the #1 direct-to-consumer source of natural health advice and experts -formulated nutritional products.

The entire healthy directions supplements range are thoroughly tested for 100% quality assurance. Healthy Directions follows strict quality guidelines and standards with a unique Triple Testing PhilosophyTM which overrides Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and FDA requirements to deliver protected covering , superior products with on time delivery for all its customers within United States.

Customers can find a complete range of supplements at Healthy Directions that are supported by rich database of expert guidance.

Healthy Directions obliges to all its commitments when it comes to safeguard, and superior product quality is supported by the experts who formulate products keeping in mind the healthy life as motive for its customers. The Healthy Directions website gives detailed information and daily precautions to the customers, which would address specific health concerns and/or conditions.

When it comes to customer’s health, the healthy directions team regard themselves accountable to a higher standard. The entire service line is built around the thought foundation of delivering premium guidance, products, and services, without compromise.

With Healthy Directions, you’ll find

Perfected and Established leadership in natural health and a flawless track record that showcases a strong sense of involvement & integrity, and of course, consumers’ trust that only time can build.

Complete health guidance from healthy directions family of natural health enables the knowledge and confidence to take control of all its customers and their loved ones’ health. Innovative range of products consisting fresh ingredients are showcased to improve wellness and quality of life.

Thus far, the health advises are being well-received by the people, and proving this is the daily increase in the number of customers, calling to find out from where they could buy the nutritional products recommended by healthy directions expert panel.