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Heavy Looks of Clogs on the Lightweight Crocs


Do you like wearing Clogs? Do you want to display them as you go shopping in your favorite malls? Are you wearing them everyday? Do you look fashionable with them? If yes, then let me guess what clogs you are wearing. Most likely you got the latest Crocs.
I should be right because there are no other clogs that are fashionable as the crocs these days. There would be a few others but they are too expensive to be wearing on a casual day.
Just like the old model of clogs, Crocs being the modern clogs still gives a warm feeling during winter. Proudly US made, it is a revolutionary design that has changed the world’s total outlook about clogs. Still carrying the same design and basic form, it is more convenient due to the extra light weight of the material used. With this, crocs provide a high degree of comfort that early clogs were unable to meet due its strong reputation of heaviness. Crocs look heavy just like the old forms of clogs, but are actually very light for daily use.
Old designs of clogs were originally made of leather on top and wood on the bottom making it too heavy to use. Even though original clogs were heavy, they became favorite winter shoes in the western regions. Usually worn with socks, the clogs provided the warmth that early users need, at the same time the durability that would last for ten years and counting. Its popularity could also be traced from the benefit that the wooden sole gave. It had been widely known for its nature to provide extra stability to the foot muscle, at the same time for its long lasting materials. Clogs were among the favorites of the labor sector in extremely cold areas. Considered as folkloric and cheap shoes for the farmers, clogs were also used by the ones involved in mining, and factories.
Keeping this reputation of clogs in mind, Crocs manufacturing company made sure that their product would be competitive in the world market for its uniqueness, durability, and price. While it is true that there are other brands and designs that look better than the crocs, these products cannot beat the affordability of the latter. As long as the clogs manufacturer would play it right, they will still be one of the key players in the clogs manufacturing industry.
It had been noted that Crocs had gained popularity in barely ten years of existence, a feat that only the crocs manufacturer is able to achieve. At this stage, the Crocs manufacturer is at a turbulent competition as many players would like to equal their achievements. All of their designs are worn by both children and adult alike. They offer variety of collections with different colors to choose from. Croslite, the material that Crocs used for their products is still enjoying a patented secrecy. However, no matter how stable they are, strong rivalry is still their worst fear. Rivals who would come up with more durable and cheaper designs would pose a strong competition to the crocs.