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Helpful Interior Painting Tips

If you are planning on doing some interior painting, check out these helpful tips that will make your project go easier and faster and still give you results you’ll be proud of.

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Safety First

Protect your eyes from dripping paint or flying debris with a pair of plastic safety glasses or goggles. Make sure your room is adequately ventilated and if you are using any products with strong fumes, wear a respirator.

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Prep First

No matter how excited you are to get that color on the walls, you cannot skip the prep. Check your walls for cracks, holes, dents, stains or other imperfections.  For most issues, a lightweight spackling compound and putty knife will be all you need. Just apply the compound and remove the excess with the putty or broad knife. Allow the area to fully dry and sand lightly until the area is smooth and uniform with the rest of the wall.

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Remove dirt and debris by washing down the walls. Remove all outlet covers, pictures, hooks, nails etc. Remove as much furniture and belongings as possible. Having a clear space will make painting much easier. Using a painter’s masking tape, tape the room to prevent paint getting on molding. Cover the floors with drop cloths.

Use Primer

Primers are developed to help seal your walls, prevent mold and stains and can even be tinted to the color of the paint you are using. Since primer is less expensive than paint, using a tinted primer means you won’t need as many coats of paint and that will save you money.


Cut In

Start by cutting in with the primer. You want to cut in where the ceiling meets the wall, around windows and doors and where the walls meet the baseboards. It is best to do one wall at a time. You should cut in and paint the wall and then move on to the next for the best looking results.

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Roll The Right Way

Load your roller and start at the top, roll a W or a V shape over a section of the wall and continue until the sections is covered. Then move on to the next, reloading your roller as needed. Allow ample time for the first coat to dry before accessing if you need a second coat.

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Clean Up

Remove the painter’s tape, if left on too long it can become difficult to remove. Clean paintbrushes, rollers and roller trays per manufacturer’s instructions. Tightly seal paint cans. Before putting outlet covers back on you can put a piece of masking tape to the back and write what paint color you used on it.

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