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Helpful Tips to Organize Your Bedroom for The New Year

If you are looking for tips to organize your bedroom for the new year, you are in the right place. January is the time for new starts. Do you struggle to get ready on time in the morning, wasting time looking for things and getting frustrated because you are always late? Is your closet overflowing with clothing you don’t even wear anymore? Are you drawers so full they are difficult to close? If you are nodding your head, keep reading because waking up and going to bed in a room like that can make you feel anything but rested and peaceful. If you are ready to make your bedroom your perfect sanctuary, the tips below will help you get started.

organize bedroom

1. Purge Your Closet

Attack your closet with a vengeance and take out whatever does not fit, you don’t like or you haven’t worn in a year. Bag it up and put it outside your bedroom door to load in your car and donate. Go back and be ruthless with what is left. Do you need 22 pairs of sneakers? I don’t think so. Purge and donate and keep repeating. When you have trimmed down the craziness, organize what is left.

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Consider installing some closet organizers. You will find a large selection of all kinds of organizers for every closet and budget at the Home Depot, shop now and save 20%.  They will let you arrange your hanging clothing,  folded clothing, shoes and accessories neatly so you can get what you need to get dressed easily.

closet storage

2. Tame Your Dresser

Go through your drawers with the same energy that you used to purge your closet. If you don’t wear it, if it does not fit, you must get rid of it. Think about how good it will feel to have drawers you can open and close easily. Ones that you can actually find the things you need in. To organize your intimate items, jewelry, socks and more you can find all kinds of drawer bins and dividers to contain what is left at Bed Bath and Beyond. The Real Simple® Drawer 6-Piece Organizer Set is one that I like.

drawer organizers

Don’t forget the top of your dresser. Is it filled with papers, books, collectibles and other things that give it a messy appearance? If so, do your thing and purge that stuff. Only put back what makes you happy.

3. Get Under Your Bed

Pull out anything under your bed, do a purge on whatever you pulled out. Get some under bed storage containers if you need to store anything under there. You can find slim covered containers with or without wheels on Amazon.

under bed sorage

4. Clean Your Windows

Yes, you do need to do windows. Clean your windows to let the light in and give you a clear view. Do you have blinds? Clean your blinds and wash curtains if you have them.

bedroom window 1

5. Tackle That Mattress

Strip your bed and flip your mattress. Make your bed with fresh crisp sheets and bedding. If you are in need of a new look, shop the best January White Sales where you can get a new look at a great deal!


I hope these steps help you organize your bedroom for the new year. You may find that it sets the tone for you to organize the rest of your home. This could be the start of your best year!