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Helpful Tips to Prepare Little Ones Starting School For the First Time

Do you have a little one starting school for the first time this year? I know how hard that is, it is a huge transition for them and you. Here are some ways you can make that transition easier on both of you.first day of school

Visit the school with your child, many schools have you do this when you are registering your child and it is a huge help. You can show them their classroom, get them excited, point out where the bathroom and cafeteria are. If teachers are there, introduce your child and of course visit the playground where they will play during recess. This helps to make it a familiar place and takes away the anxiety that comes from not knowing what to expect.

playground at school

Read your child books that talk about starting school and afterwards discuss them. This will allow kids to express their feelings as they identify with what the characters in the book felt.  One book that really helped with my kids is Llama Llama Misses Mama. I liked that this book was full of reassurance that even though Llama Llama was sad and missed mama at first that mama was right there when school was over and he could tell her all about his day. It really helps kids to feel secure knowing at the end of the day their parents will be there.first day of school booksThere are so many different books about starting school for the first time, if you browse on you can find the right ones to share with your child.

Go Back to School shopping with your child and make it a fun day. Talk about how exciting going to school is and let them help choose their clothing. Pick clothes that are comfortable and make it easy for them to dress themselves. Gymboree has so many nice collections of Back-To-School clothing for boys and girls. The savings are super right now too with everything in the store priced at $14.99 and under.

I really like the easy pull on Daisy Day dress for girls, this 100% cotton dress pairs so well with the sparkle ballet flats that just slip on and off with not laces to tie.

first day of school Daisy Day dressThe soft, comfortable 100% cotton boy’s Geo Moto Long Sleeve Tee from the Ready to Race collection pairs perfectly with easy pull on Every Wear Pant. The Slip-On Sneakers means no laces to tie and slip on and off fast!gymboree first day of school boy outfitDon’t forget to get a backpack and lunchbox. The Little Kid Backpacks from Skip Hop are sized just right for little ones starting school. The adorable designs add so much personality to the backpack, kids will feel like they are heading off with a friend every day. skip hop backpacksSkip Hop also has coordinating lunch bags to tie everything together and it can all be found at Target.

skip hop lunch bags

Now that you have everything, make sure you label it all with your child’s name. Teachers want everything to be labeled and it helps things from getting lost. The Little Kid School Combo from is designed especially for little kids going to school for the very first time! This combo features extra-durable, waterproof labels and tags perfect for backpacks, clothes, lunch containers, shoes, toys and more. The easiest way to keep all your child’s little things coming back home at the end of the day!Mabel's labelsMost of be cheerful and happy even if you feel like crying when getting them on the bus or dropping them off. Force that smile because if you get upset it will make them uneasy and confused. After the bus pulls away you can go have that cry if you need to. Doing anything for the first time is hard but parenting will be full of those “letting go” moments. Our job is to prepare our kids and give them the confidence they need to not only fly without us but to soar!first day of school