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Holiday Card Savings

holiday card savings

Hanukkah. Christmas. Festivus. Whatever you celebrate, it is likely you send out holiday cards. If you do, you know what an expensive tradition it can turn into, especially in this age when we can plaster our faces all over everything thanks to digital photography and editing software.This year, aim to spend a little less while still sending out greetings to your friends, family members, and that person who you feel obligated to send one to since they sent you one last year.

Keep an Eye Out for Deals

One of our favorite photo product sites, Shutterfly has the deals game on lockdown. If you are patient long enough, you’re sure to find a deal for any product you are looking for. Sometimes it will be free product, sometimes it will be free shipping, and sometimes it will be a spectacular discount on anything on the site. Watch their promo codes, and when you see one you like, strike while the iron is hot.

Shop Low, Everyday Prices

In the photo world, InviteShop stands apart as the provider of lower prices, everyday. Go to their site, and you’ll see the featured “Cheap” products for every category of photo stationary you could dream of. Don’t be fooled, though. Cheap only refers to the prices; it doesn’t refer to the product quality. Their products are, in fact, high quality, and also highly customizable. You can change fonts, add fonts, and play with your layout a little more than many other photo product websites.

Because their prices are so low all the time, you will rarely, if ever, see a promo code or coupon for their site. You should, however, keep an eye on their deals. Right now they have holiday cards starting off at $0.49/each.

Save a Tree

If you think digital cards seem like something out of the year 2000, you haven’t been to JibJab lately. They have digital templates ranging from funny to hilarious, with the core concept being inserting your family’s faces into these interactive cards. Your family could be transformed into the Parkers from A Christmas Story. Send a Gangnam Style Santa with your face on it. Or, turn yourself into a twerking elf to send out to all your contacts. (Thank goodness grandma doesn’t have email, right?)

Not only do you save a tree by sending digitally; you save some green. Check out these JibJab promo codes if eco and hilarious is the way you choose to go.

Holiday Savings

While you may not want to bust out the decorations or music just yet, you will want to start ordering your cards. You will need time to order, have them printed, have them shipped to you, address them, and mail them out. For all the procrastinators out there, those eCard options may just save the day. Whether you choose to save a tree, watch for primo promo codes, or shop where everything is cheap all the time, there are ways you can save on your holiday cards this season.