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Holiday Gift Ideas for Guys


Is there a guy in your life who’s hard to shop for? Finding the perfect gift for a special guy doesn’t have to be rocket science. If he has interests and hobbies, you’ll have plenty of ideas for gifts that’ll knock his socks off. You might have to be willing to get creative and think outside of the box, but the more unique the gift, the more it’ll be appreciated.

Take some time to think about the gift you want to give. Does the guy you’re buying for have any special interests or hobbies? If he does, be sure to take those into consideration. There are plenty of generic gifts that you could spend your money on, but if he’s really into something, it’ll be much more special if you tune into those interests and give a gift he’ll truly appreciate (and even use!)


If you’re shopping for a tech lover, a charging or docking station is a great gift idea. Chances are, your guy has a lot of devices, and they all need to stay charged. It can be a pain (and look a mess) to have lots of different devices charging in different spots, and having lots of cords  plugged in all over the home or office. With a handsome docking station, you’ll have a sleek space to charge those devices and keep them organized until they’re charged and ready for use. Hammacher Schlemmer has amazing deals on gadgets for gift giving. Right now, you can receive free shipping on any item at Hammacher.

Most men want and need to be well groomed. Give them the tools they need to stay well groomed at home, and cut their expenses at the barber shop in half. Selecting a good brand of men’s personal grooming tools, like Wahl is key for a long lasting product. Start with something simple like a nose and ear hair trimmer set. You can also go for more expensive options like facial hair trimmers. If your guy likes to save money on hair cuts, invest in a set of clippers with tapers and shears for hair cuts at home. He’ll be able to save hundreds of dollars a year by skipping the barber shop. Check out Target for a wide selection of men’s grooming tools. Right now you can get $20.00 0ff of a $100.00 purchase at Target.


Most guys are just big kids at heart, and still want to have toys to open up and play with on Christmas morning. Why not surprise them with a new remote controlled car? Drones are very popular right now, and there are so may different models available. Depending on your budget, you can find some easy to use and inexpensive drones, or some top of the line drones that do amazing things. Some drones come in sets, and are ready for battle. Star Wars drones are a big hit this year. If you have a pair of boys or a father/son duo to give a gift to this year, it would be a lot of fun to give them a battle drone set to share and enjoy together. They’ll be enjoying a fun gift, and they’ll get to spend time playing with it together.

Buying gifts for guys doesn’t have to be hard. All it takes is a little legwork, and you’ll have the perfect gifts before you know it!